First Alert SCO500B Wireless Smoke and Carbon Monoxide
First Alert SCO500B Wireless Smoke and Carbon Monoxide

First Alarm SCO500B OLCOMBOVFF Radio Link of Combined Photoelectric Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector with Audio and Location

The first wireless, voice and location photoelectric smoke and carbon monoxide detector, the SCO500B, can detect increasing levels of smoke and carbon monoxide and can be used with compatible models to create a wireless alarm system in your home (other alarms sold separately). For those who want a complete detection system without hiring an electrician or worrying about wiring, a battery operated carbon dioxide smoke detection kit is the perfect solution. Wireless technology connects the detector to other First Alert compatible wireless alarms in your home to create a wireless security network. Up to 16 compatible alarms can communicate with each other and alert you to any problem anywhere in the house, even in different rooms or floors. The photoelectric smoke detector was developed to reduce false alarms from cooking smoke or shower steam while maintaining sensitivity to real dangers. Advanced electrochemical carbon dioxide sensors detect carbon monoxide leaks from a variety of sources, including faulty fuel stoves. An 85 dB alarm is designed to wake up sleeping events, and an audible alert indicates the location and content of the threat.

  •  Battery operated smoke and carbon monoxide alarm is easy to install
  • Wireless communication uses radio frequency communications to transmit alarms without the need for cables.
  • Connect multiple alarms to a wireless security network (not compatible with Z-Wave)
  • When your alarms are linked, they communicate with each other and form an integrated protection system for your home
  • When the alarm rings, all alarms go off
  • The audible alarm clearly shows the content and location of the danger

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