Flair Puck Wireless WiFi Thermostat Pearl White). Smart website flair control. Alexa compatible, can be used with ecobee, Honeywell Smart Thermostat and Google Assistant.

Flair Puck - It's like having a smart thermostat in every room in your house!

Flair Puck controls the Flair Smart Slots (sold separately). Together, they intelligently direct airflow to the right room at the right time.

What can you do with the Flair Puck and Smart Vent?

  •     Get rid of hot and cold spots at home
  •     Balance the temperature between rooms so that it is even
  •     Set different temperatures for different rooms

With the Flair app (available for iOS, Android, or browser), you can set the temperature, create a 7-day program, set up your home, and get started or use our geofence. Do you like dates The app also tracks temperature, pressure, humidity and ambient lighting for each room through the watch face.

Don't have a smartphone? Simply turn the dial and you can set the room temperature. It is very suitable for guests, AirBnB or rental properties.

Stick balls and smart air vents can be found in thousands of households. Take you home today!

Flair Puck WiFi Thermostat Controls Flair Smart Vents
Flair Puck WiFi Thermostat Controls Flair Smart Vents

  •  Every room has a smart thermostat: Tired of hot and cold spots? Flair Puck and Flair Smart Vent work together to eliminate uneven room temperatures throughout the home.
  • FLAIR Smart Ventilation Control: The Flair Puck Wireless Thermostat provides independent temperature control for every room in your home. It's the comfort of a simple home.
  • The temperature according to your desires: Set the ideal temperature for each room with your phone or web application. Do you want to plan ahead? Make a separate room plan for each time of the day.
  • Don't have a smartphone? No problem: just turn the rotary knob to adjust the temperature. Equipped with an electronic paper screen, it is the perfect solution for AirBnBs, rental apartments and guest houses.
  • Make your smart home sparkle: use with ecobee and honeywell smart thermostats. Control room temperature with your voice: Flair Smart Vents can be integrated into Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

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