GoldenDot Smart Home Power Control Socket WiFi Mini Plug
GoldenDot Smart Home Power Control Socket WiFi Mini Plug

GoldenDot Mini WiFi Socket Smart Home Power Control socket for wireless control of your home appliances from anywhere. Not compatible with Alexa and Google Home

Application and features

It uses the easiest UI configuration method on the market, making it powerful and easy to navigate and configure. Das Funktionsprinzip des GoldenDot Smart Plug besteht darin, sich mit Ihrem bestehenden Wi-Fi-Heimnetzwerk (nur 2,4 G) zu verbinden und es kontinuierlich mit der Cloud zu synchronisieren, sodass Sie jedes Ihrer Heimerübersteuern dras a ability. The response time is less than 0.5 seconds and it has a variety of settings and functions such as timers, countdown timers and smart scenes that can be adjusted to suit you.

Use with Amazon Alexa

1. Log in to the Alexa app, select a skill from the options bar and search for Smart Life in the input field.

 2. Select Smart Life from the search results, then click on "Enable Skills".

If the account is restricted, you can click the link to disable the skill to remove yourself and then click the enable skill to continue linking the new Smart Life account.

3. Enter the username and password that you previously saved in the Smart Life app (or register a new username).

4. After successful pairing, it means that the Alexa account has been linked to the Smart Life account.

Use any device

The GoldenDot Smart Plug can be used with any device connected to it, giving you instant wireless control. With the GoldenDot Smart Plug, any night light, air purifier, diffuser, Christmas tree or neon can become a smart device.

GoldenDot Smart Home Power Control Socket WiFi Mini Plug
GoldenDot Smart Home Power Control Socket WiFi Mini Plug

  •  Use your finger to control anywhere in the world - with our free Android and iOS apps, you can control any device connected to the GoldenDot Smart Plug anytime, anywhere. Start the coffee maker out of bed early in the morning. Sit on the couch and turn on the fan!
  • One click setup - no problem - 2.4G WI-FI connection only - Plug the smart plug into the socket, wait for the indicator light to blink, enter your home WiFi password and let the app do the rest. Most routers take less than 30 seconds to set up quickly!
  • Alexa and GOOGLE HOME at your disposal - GoldenDot Smart Plug is 100% compatible with Alexa and Google Home. If you own an Amazon Echo or Dot, you can download Smart Life skills/actions and use voice commands to control your smart components. Give your smart plug a meaningful name (like a desk lamp) and Alexa/Google Home will help you do the rest. (Example: "Alexa, turn on / off the flashlight")
  • Clever schedules and scenes Define and ignore your nighttime routine. Turn on the night light at 8 pm, then turn it off at noon. Easily control your home environment just as you live in Bill Gates' futuristic home. Control multiple smart plugs with one click or create a smart starter that activates only when you need it: turn on the lights every night at [sunset time location].
  • Package Content: 1 x GoldenDot Mini Smart Plug, User Manual

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