GUSODOR 50 Feet Smart Led Lights for Bedroom
GUSODOR 50 Feet Smart Led Lights for Bedroom

GUSODOR 50ft LED Light Strip Smart Room Music Sync Cable Flexible DIY Color Changing LED Light 40 Keys Remote Control APP Control LED Light Strip Party Party Family

DIY Triple Settings

  •     DIY color: choose one color from 160,000 colors and add it to the application page, convenient for future use.
  •     DIY mode: On the application customization page, please choose the color you want, and then add the appropriate mode changes to meet the needs of different scenarios.
  •     DIY Length: Freely adjust the length you want according to your needs. It can be cut between all three pearls. The package comes with a complete plug.

Music and microphone mode

  •     Cool music mode, built-in high sensitivity microphone, enter the music mode, the light will jump to the beat of the music.
  •     Switch to microphone mode in the phone app, you can sing or play an instrument and the light follows the ambient noise.
  •     It can create a romantic, sweet, fun and magical atmosphere for your party. It will make your party unforgettable. Enjoy party shows in millions of colors.

timing function

  •     You can try the sync function, preset the appropriate time and color, and turn it on or off automatically.
  •     Program your light bar to turn on or off at a specific time. Wake up to bright colors. Dim or turn off the lights automatically while watching a movie to create the right atmosphere.
  •     Create a light alarm that takes away the fear of the dark for you or your child and wakes up each morning in a romantic light.

8pcs of tape hooks with strong glue

Strong glue in the package Not only there is strong glue on the back of the LED light strip, but there is also a long strip hook with strong glue that is used to plan the path of the light strip or curved light strip in the corner. All tapes can be discarded. Please plan the path before removing the protective layer of the double-sided tape. The adhesive will lose its stickiness if exposed to air or dust for a long time.

4 pieces welding connection

Mit seinen Funktionen, die geschnitten und verbunden werden können, kann die LED-Lichtleiste zwischen soda allen 3 LED-Einheiten geschnitten werden, um die gewünschte Länge anzupassen, und die LED-Lichtleiste Sädergen kanberschn s iden schnitt le Schneider schnütler ability. custom length. After cutting, you can directly use this seamless connector to connect them together.

2 L-shaped solder joints.

Use these unique 10mm Angled Light Bar Extensions. Don't worry if the light strips aren't bent at the corners. You can cut LED light strips between all 3 LED units to adjust the length you want. In the corner you can use the L-shaped connector to connect the light strip.

GUSODOR 50 Feet Smart Led Lights for Bedroom
GUSODOR 50 Feet Smart Led Lights for Bedroom

  •     Customize the light bar: DIY mode, choose the color you want, then add and change the mode according to the needs of different scenes; DIY length, all 3 beads can be cut to desired size, and additional components are included in the package.
  •     LED light for smart application: 16 million colors available; 29 dynamic modes are available such as blink, breathe, strobe and gradual change; Memory function, when the tape is used again, the last mode setting will be saved, there is no need to repeat the above setting
  •     Music Sync LED Light Bar: The built-in high-sensitivity microphone syncs with any music from the phone speaker or other speaker in the room and dances with the light to the beat of the music. Use it to activate your workout
  •     Time function: create a light alarm to relieve you or your child from being afraid of the dark, and wake up every morning in a romantic light; It can be activated or deactivated via the app or the remote control.
  •     A variety of scenes to choose from: can be used to decorate your bedroom, dining room, loft, kitchen, computer table, Christmas tree, bar, living room, party; It is a perfect gift for family and friends; Please note: Not waterproof

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