Heffchi for Ford Sync 3 APIM Module Support Apple CarPlay
Heffchi for Ford Sync 3 APIM Module Support Apple CarPlay

The Ford Sync 3's Heffchi APIM module supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Newest NA Map 220+32GB SYNC 3 APIM Module Compatible with 2016-2021 Ford F-250 F350 F450

VIN Programming: APIM SYNC Module 3, 2 years warranty, VIN sent to us, you don't have to go to auto dealership or body shop, because it is plug and play, we will advise you comprehensively. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via email. car compatibility:
Ford SYNC 3 2019-2021 f250
For Ford SYNC 3 2019-2021 f350
Ford SYNC 3 2019-2021 f450
2. If you are not sure if your car will fit the APIM SYNC 3 unit, please send us your chassis number and we will help you check it so that you don't waste your valuable time and route.
Installation is very simple, it is recommended to disconnect the negative terminal of the battery before installing electronic devices in the car.
Simply remove and replace the 3-bolt sync/APIM module that came with the back of the car's 8" touch screen. Superior!
If you need help during this process, you can visit or call Customer Service.
Features: Voice GPS navigation, turn-by-turn directions are displayed on the radio screen.
Full support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Everything you need to know about Sync 3 and Android Auto / Apple CarPlay.
The latest 220 maps and largest simultaneous update, including Siri Eyes Free. Connect and play

Heffchi for Ford Sync 3 APIM Module Support Apple CarPlay
Heffchi for Ford Sync 3 APIM Module Support Apple CarPlay

  •     SYNC 3 Module Activated by OICE: SYNC 3 APIM Module Exchange, full pre-programming by engineers, for quick and easy exchange! No need to go to a retailer or shoe store, it's plug and play!
  •     Features: Plug and play the SYNC 3 APIM module worry-free, without cutting or splitting wires. Retains all existing functions (reversing camera, seat heating, parking assistance, air conditioning, etc.)
  •     Compatibility: Ford SYNC 3 Voice Control helps you stay connected while traveling, everything is under your control, valid only for Ford SYNC 3 F250 F350 F450
  •     SYNC 3 UPGRADE: The system has a built-in map that can cover the United States and Canada. Supports English, French and Spanish. Trouble-free plug-and-play system
  •     If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us via email and our professional and technical staff will be at your disposal all the way! It comes with a 730-day warranty and a 30-day worry-free return policy.

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