HYCTOPSON Dog Door Bell for Potty Training Wireless Doorbell
HYCTOPSON Dog Door Bell for Potty Training Wireless Doorbell

HYCTOPSON doorbell on the toilet wireless training for dogs touch doorbell button dog call button end of session

 Dog bell Dog bell for toilet training
Waterproof wireless touch button with eye-catching LED flash

  •     Why should we teach our dogs to develop good habits? Tired of scratching, barking and complaining? Teach your dog to get rid of the habit of jumping over the door;
  •     Why do we need a dog bell? The dog bell will be a good communication tool to understand your needs. The joy of dogs and the savior of chaos.
  •     What are the benefits of using smart dog bells for toilet training? There are no threads, threads or scratches on the door. Easy to install, easy to configure, dogs easy to use;

 ding dong ding dong... I don't hate barking dogs! Never hate a dog scratching and banging on the door! Great, we can communicate really well with our dog! With a toilet training dog bell, our dog forgot to bark and the scraper broke the door. Do you also want your dog to develop better habits? Our dog bell offers you great dog training bells! There is also a bonus dog training device as a gift!

silent mode

This doorbell receiver has 5 volume levels including silent mode. The eye-catching LED flash is a good notification for visitors but won't disturb your sleeping baby.

trigger pad

This doorbell potty training is waterproof and delicate design, a simple scratch will activate the doorbell. The large, textured surface is suitable for dogs of all sizes.


This bathroom doorbell has 20 ringtones, 4 modes and 5 volume levels (including silent mode) that can be customized to suit your application environment.

 Assign two different tones to the play button

You can attach a doorbell release button to the inside and one to the outside of your patio door. And you can set two different tones for the control buttons. When the dog rings the dog bell you will hear the 'bell', and when the dog comes back from the yard you will hear the 'second chime'. Therefore, you can immediately distinguish the needs of the dog based on the ringtone.

HYCTOPSON Dog Door Bell for Potty Training Wireless Doorbell
HYCTOPSON Dog Door Bell for Potty Training Wireless Doorbell

  •     🐶 ONE POCKET BUTTON WATERPROOF SHOOT WATERPROOF Isn't there enough pressure to activate the dog doorbell? HYCTOPSON toilet training bell solves pressing problems for dogs of all types, the extended contact area on the dog bell enables the dog to ring without pressure and the dog training bell can be activated by gently touching or sliding on the nose or foot. This waterproof dog toilet trainer with IP65 button resists dirty paws, wet noses, and even rain in front of the door.
  •     🐶 EXTRA LONG WIRELESS TOYS - Tired of puppies playing and chewing singing bells as toys? Tired of having a messy kid ringing bells? HYCTOPSON Potty Training Dog Bell is a wireless remote control up to 300m. No ropes, no wires, and no more scratches on the wall! You will never miss any outside contact with your dog.
  •     🐶 EASY TO INSTALL - HYCTOPSON dog training bell is easy to install. Complete the installation of a toilet learning bell in 5 minutes and 4 steps. Save time and don't damage walls.
  •     CUSTOMIZATION - HYCTOPSON Bells For Dogs To Go Out has selected 20 CD-quality tracks for your ears. The dog training doorbell has 4 notification modes and 5 volume levels (including silent mode). Silent mode with eye-catching LED notifications protects your sleeping baby from disturbances. These are great dog training hours.
  •     🐶 100% MONEY BACK 90 DAYS - HYCTOPSON Dog Doorbell is a dog training bell. Our products have obtained FCC and RoHS certifications; Not satisfied with our products? Send it to us within 90 days and get 100% money back!

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