JOJOHOY HD IPS Waterproof Kids Smart Watches Phone
JOJOHOY HD IPS Waterproof Kids Smart Watches Phone

JOJOHOY Kids Smart Watch for Girls and Boys - Waterproof Kids Smartphone, HD IPS Touch Screen for Kids, with 11 Games, 3 Alarm Clocks, Video Cameras, Music Alarms, Birthday Gifts for 3 14-year-olds

Best gift for kids

A great choice for parents to send boys aged 3-14, great for birthdays, school awards, holidays and other occasions.

CALL ANYTIME ANYWHERE: This watch has a phone function (2G SIM required) and there is no boundary between the two.

10 contacts can be saved: Parents can set up 10 contacts for their children to meet the daily communication needs. If you want to contact him, you can easily find him in the address book.

Complete smart watch for kids

We have prepared a wonderful practical watch that meets the daily needs of children.

Waterproof HD Touch Design - To give children a smooth touch experience so that they are not afraid of water damage every day.

FULL FUNCTIONS - This watch has fifteen function buttons, all functions that children can use in their daily life. Covers all aspects of learning, entertainment and life.

For example, we made 11 fun games to improve practical skills and intellectual development, and take photos and videos to capture childhood memories. Kids can also use it to download their favorite music (1GB built-in SD card), use the recording feature to record important words in the teacher's class, and set an alarm to wake up on time. There are functions such as flashlight, calculator, stopwatch, calendar, timer, etc.

JOJOHOY HD IPS Waterproof Kids Smart Watches Phone
JOJOHOY HD IPS Waterproof Kids Smart Watches Phone

  •  😀 Multifunctional Smart Watch for Kids - This smart watch for kids has multiple functions covering communication, entertainment, learning, living, etc. Support phone, 11 puzzles, music player, calculator, video, reading, alarm, 12/24 hour, calculator, calendar, recording, album functions.
  • WATERPROOF SMART WATCH FOR KIDS - This smart watch for kids supports water resistance. Whether you're washing your hands, raining, showering or playing in the water, you don't have to worry about damaging your watch.
  • TWO WAYS TO CONNECT - This kids watch is like a smartphone and supports two-way communication, so you can communicate with your kids without barriers. You can add 10 contacts to the address book. Monitor your child's condition. Note: You need to insert a 2G SIM card to use the calling function
  • 🎮11 Puzzle Games - This smart watch contains 11 puzzle games for kids. Children can not only enjoy playing games, but also improve their imagination, response and thinking skills.
  • Video & Selfie Camera - Kids Smart Watch With a built-in HD camera, kids can take photos of the moments when they are playing with friends, capture precious memories and preserve the beauty of childhood!

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