LeakSmart 8880600 Water Leak Detection Sensors
LeakSmart 8880600 Water Leak Detection Sensors

LeakSMART 8880600 Water Leak Detection Sensor - Add a sensor to your smart leakage system to protect all high-risk areas in your home

For the folks who love their homes, LeakSMART is the smartest whole-home waterproof system that can stop and prevent water damage before it even starts. Unlike standard water leak detectors, LeakSMART can automatically detect and turn off the water supply in 5 seconds or less to prevent further damage. It easily integrates with other smart home platforms and provides additional protection when paired with a Nest. The journey is inevitable. LeakSMART convinces homeowners that they can be protected from the emotional and financial losses of family floods. With over 85 years of pipe manufacturing experience, we know how to protect your biggest investment - your home.

  •  Contains one (1) SMART leak sensor; Requires SMART Hub or other compatible hub
  • Round the clock water damage protection - protect your home from floods and water damage with new intelligent water leak detection and second generation flood protection
  • INSTANT RESPONSE AND NOTIFICATION - At the first sign of unwanted water, the reusable SMART Sensor will trigger an alarm, send an alarm to your phone and, if paired with the SMART Automatic Water Shut Off Valve (sold separately), the main water supply to your home immediately
  • EASY TO USE - Easily place the Smart Water Leak Sensor under or around appliances, water heaters, sinks, toilets, drains, and HVAC equipment for continuous protection anywhere water may be leaking
  • EXTRA COVER - Add an extra SMART Leak Sensor for added protection. SMART Dropout Hub can manage up to 32 sensors (sold separately)
  • Save Premiums - Contact your insurance company to see if you qualify for a discount to protect your home from water damage with SMART Infusion
  • Smart Home Compatible - Can be used as an alarm clock with Blink, Iris and SmartThings (Nest integration requires SMART Hub leaks)

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