LeakSMART Water Leak Detection Starter Kit
LeakSMART Water Leak Detection Starter Kit

SMART 8881100 Water Leak Detection Start Kit Include 1" Automatic Water Shut Off Valve, Water Leak Sensor, Smart Rotation

The second generation SMART Seal Kit contains one (1) patented SMART Leak Valve, one (1) inch automatic water shut off valve, one (1) wireless SMART waterproof leak sensor, and one (1) SMART system center. Note: If you already have a leak from SMART, Wink, Iris, or any other Zigbee-based system, you don't need a full suite. Or please purchase valves and sensors separately. WATER LEAK PROTECTION: The second generation of SMART Valve is an electronic patent with a brass ball valve actuator that can be connected directly to your home's main water supply system and automatically cuts off the water if a leak occurs. Leak detection: The second generation of SMART sensors is wireless and waterproof, so you can easily and constantly monitor humidity and temperature throughout the home. Additional sensors can be purchased separately. COMPATIBILITY: In combination with your leak-based SMART, Wink, Iris or ZigBee system, each SMART sensor is specifically designed to send a signal to your SMART valve to automatically shut off the water. Once it detects a potential leak, it will send you an instant notification within 5 seconds. Professional installation recommended. Assistant. to protect. Believes.

  •  24/7 protection - no wifi, no electricity, no problem. LeakSmart works via smart home protocol with a battery backup that can work and protect even in the event of a power outage and Wi-Fi
  • Auto Shut Off in 5 Seconds - Good to know there is a water leak in your home. It is good to know where the water leakage comes from, but it is better to turn off the water in the house automatically within 5 seconds.
  • Smart Home Compatibility - LeakSmart offers the smartest technology integration with leading smart home systems. Works with Alexa, SmartThings and Wink
  • Starter kit includes auto shut off valve, LeakSmart 2.0 system shaft and leak sensor. To protect other high-risk areas of your home, add additional LeakSmart Sensors (sold separately); One shaft can manage up to 32 sensors

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