Mroobest Electric Beverage Warmer for Desk Office Home
Mroobest Electric Beverage Warmer for Desk Office Home

Mroobest Desktop Coffee Cup Warmer Coffee Cup Warmer With Automatic Shutdown Function Electric Desktop Beverage Warmer Coffee Tea Milk Cocoa Drinks


1. Waterproof design, easy to clean, safe and reliable.

2. The mug can be quickly heated for milk, afternoon tea and refreshing coffee while working in the morning, it will accompany you from morning to evening, with 16W low-power heating, which saves energy and does not consume electricity. The power consumption of the USB interface is very low.

3. Small size, just the size of your palm, easy to carry. It is a good choice for close friends.

4. It can be used for all hot drinks such as coffee, tea, milk, etc.

High quality cardboard protects your safety, and smooth cardboard is easy to clean

The compact design makes it easy to transport. You can take it to a cafe or go for a walk. Even if you stay awake and work overtime, you don't have to worry about the coffee getting cold.

Whether you are working in the office or relaxing at home, it will provide you with a hot drink anytime and anywhere that will make you more relaxed and happy.

Mroobest Electric Beverage Warmer for Desk Office Home
Mroobest Electric Beverage Warmer for Desk Office Home

  •  Material Safety and Durability: The coffee cup warmer is made of aluminum alloy, the high-tech design and the water-resistant glass material make the cup warmer not difficult to damage and has a longer service life. The thermos will keep your drink warm to the last drop.
  • Temperature setting: 16W heating cup, keep the temperature of your drink at 55°C. Use thin-walled sheets with a flat bottom for better insulation.
  • Simple and Portable Design: Simple, light and elegant design, portable cup heating is easy to carry. Suitable for metal, ceramic, enamel, ceramic tile, high-temperature plastic, glassware, etc. A cup with a flat or smooth bottom is best. However, it is not suitable for thick double glass and plastic cups.
  • Easy to use: Just plug in the power cord, flip the switch and open the mug. by group. One-button design, on/off, adjust temperature.
  • Tips: The function of the coffee cup warmer is to keep the original temperature of the hot water at around 55°C instead of heating the cold water.

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