MRSPMY 7 inch Touch Screen Car GPS  Navigation
MRSPMY 7 inch Touch Screen Car GPS  Navigation

MRSPMY GPS Navigation Vehicle 7 inch 256-8GB Touch Screen GPS Navigation Voice Announcement Speed ​​Warning Red Light America Age Map Preinstalled Free Update North


1. To use the car navigation system, you must use the original car charger for charging. Avoid using other chargers
2- In order to avoid large current damage, please connect the car charger after starting the car.
3 To make sure the browser is always on, please keep loading the browser while using it
4. Navigation is based on GPS. The first position will be slower. It should be used in open spaces outdoors. (Satellite signal cannot penetrate concrete, please do not use indoor or underground parking, invalid)

  •     The latest maps of North America (USA, Canada and Mexico) are pre-installed and have a 2D/3D map view. 3D maps can help you determine your location in the real world and make it easier to understand surrounding services. Don't be afraid of complicated bridges and cross the maze
  •     Multilingual guide to real directions, including rich features such as friends, video, audio and photos. Receive notifications about upcoming tight turns, gear changes, school zones, drowsiness warnings, nearby red lights, speed cameras, and more.
  •     Provide real voice in more than 41 broadcast languages, support zip code, address and point of interest search, automatic speed camera warning, 12 GPS channels for accurate location search, 2D/3D map view playback mode, 7 types of vehicles between mode Car, truck, pedestrian, bicycle, emergency, bus, taxi
  •     The large 7-inch touch screen reacts quickly and without delay. Enough 8GB 256MB of storage space in case you have to travel across the continent, also equipped with a car charger, rear bracket and canopy.
  •     🚕 Professional Solutions - Our GPS Navigation provides regular updates of maps and all questions. Domestic American brand, build a professional technical team in the United States

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