NIUTO 14.0 Inch 3840 X 2160 IPS 4K Portable Touch Monitor
NIUTO 14.0 Inch 3840 X 2160 IPS 4K Portable Touch Monitor

NIUTO 4K 2nd Touch Portable Touch Screen External Travel Dual HD USB C Laptop 14.0 inch 3840 X 2160 IPS Compatible with Mac, MacBook, Nintendo Switch

Type C portable gaming monitor

There is no more convenient and exciting gaming experience than the NIUTO monitor provided by the gaming hardware. Type C supports data transmission and the maximum power of the switch is 100W. No easily removable base is required which increases and enhances your gaming experience. No network, software or software required.

178° full viewing angle with IPS technology

The imported IPS screen has a viewing angle of 178 degrees far from the screen used at the bottom, which is very suitable for many people to view the screen in a small space. Blue eye protection filter can reduce blue light to reduce eyestrain. This anti blue light screen protector can reliably protect your eyes and screen from blue light and scratches.

Touch the OSD menu

Simple and precise control with one finger ensures a better navigation experience. There are no fingerprints. You can click the MENU button in the menu area or swipe down with two or more fingers to activate the OSD menu.

Ultra HD 4K + HDR

NIUTO 4k display delivers ultimate clarity and clarity, displays stunning photo-realism, and is designed to give users an immersive or immersive production experience. Some other fake 4K monitors try to render it like real 4K, but actually there are a lot of special effects shots, sometimes the whole movie is only 2K/1080p. If your TV or projector needs a 4K screen, for gaming or private work, you will get a true 4K screen.

Four 4W speakers

Four built-in speakers, high-quality stereo output, ensures clearer sound quality. The sound is small and harsh, poor quality, 1W compared to other headphones. NIUTO uses a 4W stereo system with a long life.

No splash + pale blue

Whether you're studying, watching videos, or keeping in touch with friends, you need a screen that keeps your eyes fresh. Long-term exposure to blue light is harmful to the eyes. Low blue light technology filters out harmful blue light to protect eyes of all ages. The flicker-free function eliminates harmful flicker on traditional LCD screens, preventing eyestrain and visual damage.

NIUTO 14.0 Inch 3840 X 2160 IPS 4K Portable Touch Monitor
NIUTO 14.0 Inch 3840 X 2160 IPS 4K Portable Touch Monitor

  •  [4K Display Details] NIUTO 4k portable monitor is equipped with a 2.5D 3840 x 2160 IPS panel, optional built-in FreeSync and HDR, 500 cd brightness, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 100% sRGB color space and 16.7 million colors that provide a truly immersive visual experience . 178° full viewing angle When you enlarge the screen or play games, you can enjoy ultra-high definition entertainment and gaming.
  • [Enhanced Visual Experience] FHD IPS HDR narrow frame touch screen, 1500:1 contrast ratio, better than most mobile phone screens. Touch only interacts with the finger, not the capacitive stylus. Note: Not all game consoles and mobile phones without Type-C function can have touch function for a full range of functions.
  • Special Note] The connected device must support the touch screen function of DP ALT-MODE. DP ALT-MODE also requires one USB-C cable for power/data (touchscreen). An HDMI connection requires an external USB-C power source. Mac OS also supports touch screen functionality.
  • [Multifunctional Digital Connection] With mini HDMI and USB C, this portable monitor can be more easily connected to your gaming devices.The preferred portable monitor for business travel or remote work. Note: You must first connect the power to our PD power supply and then connect it to your compatible device via Type-C connector or Mini-HD connector, otherwise it will automatically enter sleep mode (black screen).
  • [USB3.2 Gen2 (10Gb/s) supports mobile phone transmission speed] Mobile devices are suitable for Galaxy S8/8+/9/9+ S10/20/20+/20 Ultra, Note8 Note9/10/20/20 Ultra, With DEX -Mode. Huawei Mate10/pro/p20/p20pro/RS/P30/P30Pro/P40 PC mode. Lumia950 / XL and Smartian R1 / Pro 2S. This screen is where you can share your phone screen. More mobile support for Type-C will be available soon.

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