Oggi 12oz Stainless Steel Glass French Press
Oggi 12oz Stainless Steel Glass French Press

Well done for your barista! Enjoy the great taste and ease of use of the OGGI French coffee machine for making coffee at home. The durable borosilicate glass can be held tightly into an airtight plastic wrap, making the French filter press a great tool for everyday use. Borosilicate glass is resistant to temperature changes, which means it can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations without breaking. With temperature control and extraction, a perfect cup of coffee can be brewed every time. Prepare fresh, delicious and luxurious coffee with French Press coffee! When pouring wine, the built-in filter can reduce the sedimentation of coffee powder. The filter also allows loose tea leaves to be infused into a French press. Drink directly from this coffee machine, thanks to its cool texture structure, it is very easy to use. The plunger has a stainless steel lid and a glass handle. The modern and slim design makes this a stylish addition to any coffee shop or counter. 3 cup coffee maker. If this product is placed in the dishwasher for cleaning, it is recommended to place it on the top rack to ensure quality.

  •  Taste: Check the water/soil ratio every morning to increase taste and freshness
  • Heat resistance: pour boiling water into the borosilicate glass, do not worry about cracks
  • Step: Can be used to brew hot tea to make loose tea
  • The Service: Integrated spout and filter enable fast, clean pouring directly from the bottle
  • Size: large size coffee maker; 3-cup capacity (12 ounces)

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