Prupet Automatic Cat Feeders Timed Pet Food Dispenser
Prupet Automatic Cat Feeders Timed Pet Food Dispenser

Prupet Automatic Cat Food Dispenser, Temporary Pet Food Dispenser with Stainless Steel Bowl, WiFi Support, APP Control, 10 Seconds Recorder, Suitable for Small and Medium Size Cats and Dogs -4L

Remote App Control:

You can control your pet's meal times using your smartphone;

Up to 10 feedings, depending on your pet's schedule; 1-12 servings per meal so you can feed your pets outside of their regular feeding times, manage weight, and develop good eating habits so they can live a long, healthy life with yours

10s Recorder

Automatically stream audio with your voice while eating.

Press and hold the Hold & Record button to record an audio message that plays each time the broadcast is broadcast.

The 2-inch deep feeding tray provides a comfortable feeding experience so pets can safely eat and rest.

Easy to wash:

Stainless steel feed bowls provide healthy and healthy food and protect your pet from chin acne.

The water tank cover, water tank, water tank base and cat food dispenser bowl are removable, easy to disassemble and easy to clean.

Prupet Automatic Cat Feeders Timed Pet Food Dispenser
Prupet Automatic Cat Feeders Timed Pet Food Dispenser

  •     [Feed Pets Anytime, Anywhere, Eat Healthy] The pet feeder can organize up to 10 meals a day and the feeding amount can be adjusted individually to avoid overeating. If you have to travel or work, feed your pet automatically and it is better not to wake up at 5 am to a hungry cat.
  •     [It is very easy to use the app controls to set the charger to activate the 2.4GHz WiFi. It is much easier to set the feeding time with an application through a button form. You can view your pet's feeding history in the app.
  •     【Easy to clean the 4L transparent food tank and stainless steel bowl. Use desiccant bags to keep dry food fresh. The detachable stainless steel bowl is very easy to clean.
  •     [Built-in 10-second recorder and speaker] Our automatic feeder can record and broadcast your voice while dispensing food. Your voice lets the animal know that you are with them and strengthens their bond with them by feeding them regularly and feeling safe and well cared for.
  •     [Dual Power Supply] A standard 5V DC adapter and 3D batteries (not included) can be used as a backup. It is recommended to use the battery and the adapter at the same time to avoid power failure. Note: This version of Auto Animal Feeder does not support 5G WiFi and public WiFi apartments

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