Ruko Large Programmable Interactive RC Robot with Voice Control
Ruko Large Programmable Interactive RC Robot with Voice Control

Ruko Ru4413 Kids Smart Robot Large Programmable Remote Control Interactive Robot with Voice Command App Control, Suitable for Boys and Girls Age 4 5 6 7 8 9 Years Old

Application Control

It can be connected easily through the app, you can steer the robot by tilting the phone in the direction you want and the robot will perform the appropriate actions that are easy to control but so much fun!

Bluetooth playback support

Connect the robot to your phone via bluetooth, the robot can act as a bluetooth speaker and play all the songs and stories you want for your child. There is no limit to the number of songs and stories a bot can play.

Singing and dancing

You can control the robot's voice that allows you to adjust the music volume with a cute cartoon sound. Animated vocal movements, music and dance help children have more fun.

LED Emoji

The LED display contains many expressions such as happiness, sadness, disappointment, etc. These human expressions can help the child feel his feelings and be a gentle companion for the child.

to sign up

When you hit the record bot button and talk to it, this cool bot will imitate what you just said.

sensitive touch

When you touch the robot's head, the robot will respond by saying something interesting in a sweet and lively voice.

adjustable size

There are 3 volume levels to choose from, so you can adjust the volume to suit your needs.

ABS material

The material is healthy and does not affect the health of children. Although strong and resilient enough to fall off after thousands of tests

rechargeable battery

The robot battery is made of high-quality components that can ensure the safe operation of users and devices. It has passed thousands of charge and discharge tests. Do not be afraid of fire!

Ruko Large Programmable Interactive RC Robot with Voice Control
Ruko Large Programmable Interactive RC Robot with Voice Control

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  • The app supports a total of 58 different actions and can be changed at most. 102 actions in a program that powerfully encourage children's creativity, patience, focus, and logic
  • He can also dance, perform gymnastics, run, slide, collect points, connect, etc. And he makes up for it in a fun way.
  • [𝐒] Carl can use different emojis to express his feelings on the LED face; 9 flexible and powerful motors ensure that children's robots smoothly perform complex movements, simulate human behavior and encourage good interaction with children.
  • 【𝐀 The large unit size (15.8 x 11 x 4.7 inches), the various functions and the luxurious packaging are more attractive. It will bring big surprise and family reunion for kids, fun gifts to make sure boys and girls love robots!

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