Safe2m 2 Temperature Setting Smart Coffee Mug Cup Warmer
Safe2m 2 Temperature Setting Smart Coffee Mug Cup Warmer

Safe2m Coffee Cup Warmer The electric coffee warmer has two temperature settings: automatic shut-off and synchronization, smart heating and heating for cup warming

❣ The smart drink warmer redesigned in 2021 allows you to enjoy a better lifestyle! ??

⭐ Drinking coffee drinks at a reasonable temperature is clinically proven to be beneficial to your health.

Keep your drinks warm anytime and anywhere: have coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soup, solid and liquid oils, baby food, etc. (45 kinds are best to drink).

It can also be used as a wax warming agent.

This coffee cup warmer is easy to carry and makes a great gift for family, lovers or friends for Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas or any other special occasion.

  •  ☕ [Two temperature settings] The coffee cup warmer has a built-in chip unit which has the functions of temperature control, defrosting and constant temperature, so that your drink can be kept at one temperature. Constant 104°C - 122°C (40-50°C) or 122°C -140°C (50-60°C). Enjoy hot coffee, tea, drinks, milk, etc. all day long. Anytime in the winter.
  • ☕ [Power Off Timer 1-12 Hours] The cup warmer has a gravity-sensitive switch, and it is not necessary to turn off the switch manually. When the cup leaves the bottom, the cup stops working. The coffee cup warmer can be set to turn itself off regularly every 1 to 12 hours. Don't worry if you forget to heat the cup, the coffee will stop heating automatically after 8 hours.
  • ☕ [Best Gift Choices] The exquisite and compact design keeps your drinks warm at all times. This warm mug is a gift that brings warmth. It is suitable for lovers, parents and all loved ones on special days such as Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. It is a great gift to express love and care.
  • ☕ [Applicable to most cups] The cup heating plate has no grooves that limit the size of the cup, which is suitable for plates, stainless steel cups, mugs, milk cartons, mugs, high-temperature plastics, etc. Bottom achieve the best thermal insulation performance.
  • ☕ [High-quality materials and low energy consumption] High-tech materials make the coffee hotter, more heat-resistant and more fire-resistant. The coffee cup warmer is made of toughened glass, which is waterproof and easy to clean. If you accidentally spill water on the warm mug, there is no risk of electric shock. Only 18W power, quiet and environmentally friendly.

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