SobeiKre Constant Temperature Cup 55 De-gree Heating
SobeiKre Constant Temperature Cup 55 De-gree Heating

SobeiKre Hot Coaster 55 Constant Temperature Mug Ceramic Hot Coffee Mug TER Thermal Insulation Constant Temperature Coaster Desktop With Constant Temperature

Intelligent heat retention throughout the day, adapting to the consumption temperature of the human body, all the way to ready to drink
Compatible with multiple cups, no need to choose the cup [Ceramic mugs, milk bottles, stainless steel mugs, mugs and drinks can be used]
Automatic gravity induction switch, simple and convenient, requires no operation, put into the cup, automatically open. Take out the cup and turn off the power automatically. When the coke cup is not empty, the safety gravity sensor switch will automatically turn off the power. After preparing the cup, it is automatically heated.
High-strength tempered glass sheet is waterproof, explosion-proof, anti-fall, and easy to clean
COA-STER at constant temperature
Intimate heat dissipation base to prevent overheating of the fire, resist abrasion and fall, narrow holes for heat dissipation, high flame retardant nylon material

SobeiKre Constant Temperature Cup 55 De-gree Heating
SobeiKre Constant Temperature Cup 55 De-gree Heating

  •     Use promo code 70A7CHU2 to take advantage of the 70% discount. -𝟏𝟓𝐃
  •     Suitable for most mugs: High-tech polyimide film is used as the heating surface for the mug. Suitable for metal, ceramic, enamel, ceramic tile, high temperature resistant plastic, glassware, etc. A cup can also help you stay warm.
  •     SAFE AND RELIABLE: The tabletop coffee maker uses a low-energy heating element made of waterproof materials. Keeps mug warm, heat-resistant and fire-resistant. Sunroof and plenty of space in the back. It never melts or releases chemicals and has 4 non-slip feet on the bottom to support your mug and prevent it from spilling. Note: Do not pour water on it.
  •     Intelligent automatic opening/closing: the cup heater controls the temperature through micro induction. When you put the cup on the automatic heating, there is no need to turn it off, switch to the constant temperature working mode, move the thermostat cup on the desk, and the heating pad will rotate to turn off the heater.
  •     Warranty: If our beverage warmer does not meet or exceed your expectations, you can return it for free within 30 days for a full refund. If you have any questions, please call us.

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