SwitchBot W1101500 Wireless Smart Motion Door Sensor
SwitchBot W1101500 Wireless Smart Motion Door Sensor

SwitchBot W1101500 Wireless Home Security System with Smart Mobile Door Sensor, PIR Motion Detection Alarm, SwitchBot Hub Mini Compatible with Alexa

SwitchBot is a tool that makes it easy for you to switch to a smart home. With simple settings, we help you find a comfortable home with innovative smart home products.

The SwitchBot motion sensor can detect the movement of your body. Connect to the SwitchBot Bot, this will trigger the SwitchBot Bot to turn the lights on/off automatically.

 I feel your movements

The detection area is 9 meters (30 feet), 110 degrees horizontal and 55 degrees vertical. It can recognize your body movements extensively.

Don't worry about sending constant notifications to your phone, you can adjust sensitivity settings by yourself! When the motion sensor is less sensitive, it will only remind you of those obvious movements; The dramatic ride that calms the day flies into your room here, and there will be no projector interfering with your phone.

When I feel the light, the lamp goes out

The light sensor is used to detect whether the target environment is lit or dark. You can set the threshold for light or dark in the SwitchBot app.

Once your motion sensor is connected to the SwitchBot Hub Mini (sold separately), it can automatically turn off the light* when it detects light.

When it gets dark, the desk lamp lights up

Connected to the SwitchBot Hub Mini (sold separately), the motion sensor can automatically turn on the desk lamp when it gets dark*.

 Alexa sound alarm

The SwitchBot motion sensor works great with Echo devices. Once connected to the SwitchBot Hub Mini (sold separately), Alexa will notify you when the motion sensor detects your movement. If a burglar walks into your kitchen while you're in the bedroom, Alexa will say, "Someone walked into the kitchen!

 Put it anywhere in the house

The SwitchBot motion sensor can be placed anywhere in your home. No base, can be placed directly on the table / shelves; The stand allows you to attach it to a magnetic object or stick it to a flat surface with 3M rubber pads.

SwitchBot W1101500 Wireless Smart Motion Door Sensor
SwitchBot W1101500 Wireless Smart Motion Door Sensor

  •  [Motion sensor detects your actions] The motion detection area at 110° horizontal and 55° vertically is about 9 meters, which is enough to ensure the safety of the whole room in your house. You can also adjust sensitivity settings so that you are only notified of actions that interest you. With the help of the built-in light sensor, when the surroundings get dark when someone moves, the SwitchBot is made automatically to turn on the light.
  • [Easy to Install & Long Battery Life] The SwitchBot motion sensor uses a compact wireless design that can be installed and configured in seconds. You can place it anywhere as its flexible magnetic base can be used on the bottom and sides. The included battery provides up to 3 years of battery life to ensure safety in all weather conditions.
  • [Part of the SwitchBot ecosystem, Alexa-enabled] Connect the motion sensor to other SwitchBot products and set a "scene" in the SwitchBot app. When you get home, the SwitchBot will automatically turn on the lights and Alexa will say "Welcome home." If you leave, SwitchBot indoor camera will automatically turn on when you leave to detect indoor activity (requires SwitchBot Hub Mini)
  • [Remote Alarm Notification] If a suspicious person enters your home while leaving your home, you will be notified.
  • [Saving Energy and Money] By detecting empty rooms, the motion sensor automatically turns off the light, reducing unnecessary energy consumption and saving money.

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