TIMEMORE 123 Go Automatic Coffee Machine
TIMEMORE 123 Go Automatic Coffee Machine

TIMEMORE 123 Go 3-in-1 Fully Automatic Coffee Machine with Built-in Filter Grinder, Portable Coffee Machine with Conical Knife, Home Manual Stainless Steel E & B Grinder for American Coffee Machines

coffee grinder

The coffee beans are placed in a grinder and ground into a powder.

pour hot water

Remove the grinding part and pour hot water at 88°-92°C.

Enjoy your coffee life

Wait two minutes for the automatic extraction and then enjoy.

  •      Electric Coffee Grinder 123 GO: It uses a double-duty construction to grind the coffee beans better and more evenly. Choose the grinding precision according to your needs. When it stops, it will automatically click into place and continue grinding. But it is certain that if it is suspended without pills or constantly crushed, it will stop.
  •     One-touch control button: Simply press the power button to grind, brew, and enjoy delicious coffee in minutes. The indicator light indicates whether the coffee machine is on or off. This 123go grinding machine uses E & B general grinding core, which is independently developed by TIMEMORE.
  •     REUSABLE PERMANENT FILTER: A 3-in-1 coffee maker so you can wake up every morning and enjoy fresh coffee. There is no need to buy expensive paper filters, as this coffee maker is equipped with a permanent, removable filter that can be cleaned. Don't worry about cleaning up after making coffee. Ground coffee does not stick to our coffee machine, rinse with water and wipe with a dry cloth.
  •     Built-in 2800mAh Lithium Batteries: Built-in USB for a single charge, it only takes 2-3 hours to fully charge, it can grind up to 15g of coffee beans each time and can be used 30 times. Save more time and energy compared to a manual coffee grinder. In addition, unlike conventional electric treadmills, it does not require any sockets, saves space on the desk and is easy to transport.
  •     Perfect Solution for Business Travel: These coffee machines feature a compact design and more durable structure, which makes them ideal for home, office, work, travel, etc. Enjoy your coffee anytime and anywhere. We are here to provide you only the best quality products to make your life easier. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us, our professional customer service is always there for you!

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