UNITOPSCI Android Car Stereo for Honda CRV 2008 2009 2010 2011
UNITOPSCI Android Car Stereo for Honda CRV 2008 2009 2010 2011

UNITOPSCI Android Car Audio For Honda CRV 2008 2009 2010 2011 With 9" HD Touch Screen GPS Navigator Support WIFI Bluetooth FM Radio Mirror Link DVR Car Radio With Dual USB Rear View Camera


  • 1. Wifi connection: built-in wifi module, you can surf the Internet through wifi hotspot, download APP to watch TV, watch movies online and chat with friends
  • 2. GPS Navigation: Built-in navigation module and free navigation map (including most countries in the world)
  • 3- Bluetooth function: built-in bluetooth module, support mobile phone bluetooth connection, hands-free calling or bluetooth music playing
  • 4.Mirror link function: The Android MP5 player can mirror the connection to Android phone via USB cable (IOS phone connected via WIFI)
  • 5. DVR input function: support external driving recorder (DVR) USB input (only applies to DVR with APP), DVR can be controlled via APP
  • 6. Reverse function: support rear view camera input, support the car more safe and convenient
  • 7.Radio Tuning: Support FM tuning, you can listen to the radio stations you are interested in and enjoy your driving time
  • 8.Rear USB port input: Support rear USB cable input which can play music/movies (without U disk)
  • 9. Use the equalizer to improve the sound quality and use the equalizer to adjust the sound for better results.
UNITOPSCI Android Car Stereo for Honda CRV 2008 2009 2010 2011
UNITOPSCI Android Car Stereo for Honda CRV 2008 2009 2010 2011

  •     ✔ [Honda CRV 2008-2011 Android Auto Audio Features] Android 9.1 system and 9 inch HD touch screen, you can use Honda CRV Android Auto Audio 2008-2011, which has faster response speed, higher image quality and faster service. This car radio supports external USB recorder input (only DVR with APP). Please confirm the car radio size in the picture, the connector is suitable for Honda CRV 2008-2011, or you can send a picture of your car dashboard and connect the wires.
  •     ✔ [Built-in GPS and WIFI Connection] With the built-in GPS navigation module, you can go anywhere in GPS navigation, online map or offline map while connected to WiFi. This car stereo can be used, you'll never get lost! The car radio can be connected to the hotspot opened by the mobile phone, then the Android car radio can download videos, music, maps, etc.
  •     ✔ [Bluetooth Link and Mirror Link Connect your mobile phone and car radio via Bluetooth, you can call your friends and family while driving, make hands-free calls, download your phone book, listen to music on your mobile phone, and you can connect via Bluetooth. The car MP5 player can reverse connect to Android phone via USB cable (iOS phone connected via WIFI), and you can use Android phone in the car radio by touching the screen. iOS phones cannot be operated from the MP5 touch screen.
  •     [FM Radio Receiver and Rear USB Ports] Turn on the FM radio in your Android car radio, you can listen to real-time music, traffic conditions, radio programs, etc., feel the real life while driving. The car media player has two USB interface inputs on the back, supports wired USB input on the back and can play music/movies. Charge your cell phone through this car radio to make your trip more convenient.
  •     ✔ [Rear view camera and steering wheel control] The package includes a rear view camera that can be connected to the car radio to achieve real-time image display after reverse gear, which is safer and more convenient to park. Android Car Audio supports the original learning function of the steering wheel button, which allows you to control the functions you need from the steering wheel, which is safer and easier to use.

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