Vrriis USB-A and Type-C Wireless CarPlay Dongle Adapter 3.1
Vrriis USB-A and Type-C Wireless CarPlay Dongle Adapter 3.1

Vrriis WL002 USB-A and Type-C 3.1 Wireless CarPlay Adapter, Suitable for Apple CarPlay Cables, Wireless CarPlay Adapter Converts Factory Built-in CarPlay to Wireless iPhone (Car Model: 2016-2021)

  •  [The Compatible Wired CarPlay Wireless CarPlay Adapter for iPhone CarPlay 3.1 can convert factory wired CarPlay to wireless network seamlessly. With CarPlay Wireless Dongle, you can enjoy automatic wireless connection to CarPlay without a USB cable. Wired or wireless, functions and apps are available, music quality is the same, use of Google Maps and Spotify is responsive and there are no delays or signal loss.
  • [Strong Compatibility] The Wireless CarPlay Adapter has strong compatibility and is compatible with 98% of original wired CarPlay cars. Such as Audi / Porsche / Volvo / Volkswagen / Benz / Hyundai / Honda Civic CR-V / Peugeot Chevrolet / Ford SYNC 3.4...etc. These vehicles must have factory wired CarPlay functionality (pre-release). For detailed compatibility information, please read the corresponding model table carefully on the A+ product page
  • [Designed for iPhone CarPlay] Designed for iPhone CarPlay, so your car must be equipped with a factory-made wired CarPlay. CarPlay Wireless Adapter works with all iPhone 5s (with iOS 7.1), up to 12 Pro. (How long does it take to connect to Wireless CarPlay? It depends on your phone and your car, but it usually takes 7-14 seconds.)
  • [Auto start, auto connect] It's like connecting a bluetooth speaker, bluetooth plug and play, it's very easy to use. After you connect the box's Bluetooth for the first time, it will automatically connect the next time you use CarPlay wirelessly. Use bluetooth to send wifi credentials to your phone, then disconnect bluetooth, turn on bluetooth and wifi on your phone, make sure your phone is not connected to any other wifi or bluetooth.
  • [Built with Mini USB-A to USB-C Adapter, Super Function. In addition to being compatible with wired USB-A CarPlay, it is also compatible with wired USB Type-C CarPlay with a USB-A to USB-C Adapter.

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