Wickedbone Smart Bone Automatic Interactive Toys for Dogs
Wickedbone Smart Bone Automatic Interactive Toys for Dogs

Wickedbone Smart Bone is an automatic interactive toy for dogs, puppies and cats. Application control. Safe and durable. Let your pet have a full day of fun

Why all this work can leave a dog bored, depressed and anxious. Wickedbone is the way to give your dog the fun, excitement and excitement he needs! This bone toy allows you to work on your phone and play with your pet indoors and outdoors.

 Brand new smart toy for training your dog

We think what our dogs need is not a board or a ball, but something more technologically advanced and fun. With Wickedbone, you can teach your dog to pick up on moving objects and above all to deepen communication through interaction.

Smart and interactive.

If your dog is running, Wickedbone will follow; If your dog chases him, he will turn around and run away; If your dog ignores it, Wickedbone will laugh and your dog will come back to the game and touch it, which will allow Wickedbone to interact with a variety of very attractive gestures.

emotional system

We've created an emotional system in which Wickedbone interacts interactively with your dog's different behaviors.

private road

Use the Wickedbone app to control it and use the virtual joystick to move it. Choose from the 9 actions available to Wickedbone and you'll quickly discover and create new combinations of actions while playing with your dog.

Interactive mode

Wickedbone is programmed to hold your dog's attention and requires no manual operation, can respond to different types of touch and still play with your dog in a fun way.

Easy to clean

Wickedbone frame is easy to clean: Its removable frame can be cleaned quickly and easily.

Long battery life

With a micro USB charging cable. Wickedbone charges once per hour, driving mode lasts more than 40 minutes and interactive mode lasts more than 4 hours.

Safe, soft and strong

The body and tire materials are certified safe for humans and animals.

Wickedbone Smart Bone Automatic Interactive Toys for Dogs
Wickedbone Smart Bone Automatic Interactive Toys for Dogs

  •     AUTO AND SMART: Choose from interactive automatic modes or use the drive mode joystick to control your puppy via the app. It can automatically adjust the reaction mode to suit the dog's different movements!
  •     Auto Play Mode: Programmed to get your dog's attention, with no manual operation required! 12 kinds of built-in emotion control system, bad bones respond to different types of touch such as stalking, teasing, avoiding, etc.
  •     Ride Mode: Use the Wicked Bone app for iOS and Android to control the dog toy, use the virtual joystick to move it, choose from 9 actions available in the puppy game, and soon you will be playing the game and experiencing a new set of actions!
  •     SAFE AND DURABLE: The body, cover and frame are made of food grade polycarbonate, which is strong and soft to protect your puppy's claws and teeth.
  •     EASY TO CLEAN: The detachable frame and protective cover are easy to remove, so it's quick and easy to clean! Great chew toy for puppies!
  •     Long battery life: built-in 470mAh lithium polymer battery, can be charged for 1 hour, battery life in application mode for more than 30 minutes, interactive mode for more than 2 hours, standby for 1 month!
  •     Worry-Free Service: We offer 24 hour customer support and are happy to answer various questions via help@meiou. Technique

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