Wjiang Dripper Brewer Pour Over 600ml Coffee Maker
Wjiang Dripper Brewer Pour Over 600ml Coffee Maker

Wjiang Coffee Pour Cup Coffee Dripper Coffee Maker 600ml Coffee Maker Double Transparent Glass Stainless Steel Manual Drip Coffee Maker Double Glass Coffee Maker Pour High Temperature Water Bottle

Wjiang 600ml Inverted Borosilicate Glass Coffee Maker With Stainless Steel Filter And Heat Resistant Wooden Handle. You have complete control over the coffee brewing process and enjoy a personalized coffee with your family or friends.

Other advantages:
You can control everything in the brewing process, like the water content, the amount of ground coffee, and the temperature.
Sturdy glass beaker with high borosilicate content, heat-resistant wooden handle, portable and easy to carry.
Reusable 304 stainless steel conical filter, no paper filter needed.
Simply clean the coffee machine under running water, and the dishwasher will break the beaker.

  •  [Borosilicate Glass Coffee Maker] The coffee maker uses highly heat-resistant borosilicate glass, which is durable and heat-resistant enough to be heated on an electric ceramic heater or cooled in the refrigerator. Meet all your coffee needs at different temperatures!
  • 304 stainless steel filter reusable stainless steel fine mesh filter to remove paper filters. This permanent filter does not allow high-quality coffee to run out and retains the natural oils in the coffee, so you get the freshest and purest coffee possible.
  • [600ml Large Capacity] Our filter coffee maker has a larger capacity of about 600ml. You can share your unique coffee with your family or friends, it is also suitable for many occasions such as home, office, restaurant, etc. Also, the surface of the coffee maker has obvious scale lines and is difficult to erase.
  • [Wooden Handle & V-Shaped Spout] This manual coffee maker with ergonomic scald-resistant wooden handle, you can carry the coffee maker easily without burning your fingers. The water outlet is V-shaped, which is convenient for pouring coffee.
  • [Easy to use] Just pour in your favorite coffee powder, then slowly pour hot water with the right temperature, you can enjoy a perfect, unique, fresh and delicious cup of coffee. Enjoy elegant coffee every day.

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