YoLink 1/4 Mile World Longest Range Wireless Water Sensor
YoLink 1/4 Mile World Longest Range Wireless Water Sensor

3pcs YoLink YS7903-UC Smart Water Leak Sensor * 3 1/4 Mile Wireless Water Sensor with World's Longest Distance Use with Alexa IFTTT Water Leak Detector, with APP to notify that remote monitoring requires YoLink Hub

 2. Water leakage sensor

The sensor is not waterproof, so it should be placed in a place where it can be kept dry

It comes with a water detection cable to detect water along its entire length. Add additional cords (up to 12) to create a specific coverage area (eg, wrapped around the dishwasher or washer)

WLS 2. Adjust the water level

The water level monitoring kit contains two water leakage sensors that are charged via a cable with electrodes to detect water only on the tip

This type of cable is more suitable for monitoring the water level in a fountain, aquarium or aquarium. Use a cable or connect it to your adapter

 Collaborate with Alexa

Use Alexa skills and configure actions to integrate a water leakage sensor into non-YoLink devices or to provide other notification options (eg to issue a warning via Alexa-enabled speakers).

Pair the device with the device

YoLink's unique and patented D2D function allows two or more devices (up to 128) to be paired and can work automatically, even when WLAN, Internet and Home Network are turned off!

Battery life is more than 5 years

The YoLink protocol based on LoRa (low power consumption, long distance) drains the most power from a battery ever in 5 years!

Long Distances

YoLink brings industrial and municipal (city-wide) wireless technology from LoRa to the smart home industry. This allows wireless connections to be made to all corners of your home, in the yard, outbuildings, and elsewhere.


If you need an audible alarm from a leakage sensor, consider Leak Sensor 2. Depending on your position relative to the sensor, you may not be able to hear it very well. Consider pairing the sensor with an alarm located in the middle of your home.


That's right, Amplifier is the latest member of the ever-growing series of hubs (LTE cellular hubs will hit the market in the winter of 2021). The device has speakers that can play sounds and messages so you can receive system sounds via status and event notifications.

YoLink 1/4 Mile World Longest Range Wireless Water Sensor
YoLink 1/4 Mile World Longest Range Wireless Water Sensor

  •  World's Longest Wireless Range: This low-power, long-range system uses LoRa technology to provide the industry's longest receiving range (1/4 mile) on the market. Our long term coverage allows use in the toughest areas of residential WiFi systems such as basements, outdoor porches/terraces, awnings, freestanding garages and even outbuildings far from your home.
  • Simple and effective property protection: YoLink Wireless Water Sensor is not easy to install; Simply place it near or under the device you want to monitor. Recommended use near or below the kitchen sink pump, toilet, water heater, washing machine, dishwasher, kitchen sink, aquarium and anywhere else water can easily enter and exit.
  • Early Warning Notification: Receive real-time warning notifications (in the form of smartphone banner reminders, limited text/messages and emails) to keep your home and property safe from flooding; Due to the waterproof and submerged design of the original water sensor, there is no outside of the waterproof housing, and the internal alarm/beep will sound. For acoustic alarms, please consider sirens or water leakage sensors with built-in acoustic devices 2.
  • Lower performance means longer battery life: Due to lower power consumption when using standard AAA alkaline batteries (no lithium batteries required), the device battery can last 5 years or more (depending on the application and device usage/activity)!
  • Requires YoLink Hub (sold separately): YoLink Hub is the only central console for YoLink devices that connects YoLink devices to the Internet and the cloud. Without the YoLink Hub, this water sensor cannot be used with the YoLink app and does not support third-party integration with Alexa and IFTTT. YoLink hub is not included, please search B07TQLKQLJ to get the hub or try 4 packs of leakage sensors with the hub B084WYB8PM

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