ROBLOX DISCONTINUED Help boost games like Minecraft
ROBLOX DISCONTINUED Help boost games like Minecraft

According to the latest Sensor Tower data, other popular gaming apps have also benefited from the three-day hiatus in Roblox production.

In a rare temporary failure, the Roblox game console failed on October 28 and did not recover until October 31. This has led to the growth of apps that are also favored by younger users of the platform, including Minecraft, Twitch, and between us.

According to Sensor Tower data, users kept trying to access the Roblox app after a crash. But overall, the average time users spent on the app per week decreased by 93%.

Meanwhile, Minecraft usage increased by 2% each week for the same period from October 29 to October 31. Although our usage rate increased by 6%.

These jumps are likely due to users searching for another game on the abandoned platform. Additionally, on October 29, usage among us increased by 12% compared to the day before the outage, while usage of Minecraft increased by 13%.

The company also reviewed the Twitch game streaming app and found that the time users spent on the app increased by 8% per week and the average number of sessions increased by 11%.

Sensor Tower has also confirmed that Twitch will host the League of Legends semi-finals this weekend. Offers private broadcasts from many famous players.

Saver is like a competitive portable gaming tool

In addition to player time and interest, platform downtime can also play a role in facilitating the installation of other applications.

The data shows that the number of “Unter Uns” installs on iOS and Android increased by 19% compared to the previous day (October 30) and reached nearly 436,000. It also increased by 44% in the week.

It's our best install day since April 4, 2021. His earnings are also up 1%, or $12,000 more. It's the most profitable day since July 17, 2021.

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