Russia demands technology companies to establish local offices
Russia demands technology companies to establish local offices

Russia has approved Roskomnadzor's government telecommunications Regulatory Authority to oblige 13 foreign companies (mostly US technology companies) formally represented on Russian territory before the end of 2021, otherwise they may face restrictions or frank.

Carded query what the company should do. It is also aimed at companies that have offices in Russia.

Since the entry into force of a new law on July 1, companies have forced foreign social media, which has more than 500,000 users a day to open offices in Russia.

The list includes Google, Facebook, Tiktok, Tiktok and Telegram, and all of which are grown Russia this year for failing to remove the content that they believe is illegal.

The list also includes Apple, which has targeted Russia to claim misuse of its dominant position in the mobile application market.

Russecomnadzur said companies that violate the law could face restrictions on advertising, data collection and remittances, or may be fully blocked.

Russia has taken steps this year to promote the local technology industry, not to replace the Silicon Valley. It is also proposed to impose a tax on foreign digital services. In addition to tax exemptions for local IT companies.

It is also necessary to make smart phones, computers and other devices purchased in Russia Russian programs are available to users.

It seems that activity is a political dimension and critics described as an attempt by the Russian authorities to exercise more internet control. What they say can choose personal freedom and work.

These efforts include frequent fines for banned content and Russian user data storage requests on Russian servers.

The authorities also spoke to political opponents of Kremlin using foreign social media platforms to regulate the so-called illegal protests and political suspicious investigations into allegations of corruption.

Russia is working to strengthen its digital sovereignty

Karen Kazari, executive director and founder of the Internet Research Institute, said it was not clear after the type of agency needed by Russia.

"There is no legal explanation and there is no explanation of how the organization is legally represented. Russia, as well as a representative office in Russia, the company is expected to open an account on the regulatory website and offer comments models to interact with Russian users.

RuscoMenadzur said foreign companies would have to restrict access to information that violated Russian law, but did not provide any other details.

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