Starlink has a smaller antenna for satellite communications
Starlink has a smaller antenna for satellite communications

SpaceX's Internet Starlink software introduced a rectangular satellite dish that interested customers could purchase to take advantage of the company's growing collection of low Earth orbit satellites. The new satellite dish is thinner and lighter than the round satellite dish that Starlink users tested last year.

Starlink is the company's initiative to connect to the Internet via satellite. Its goal is to put about 12,000 satellites into low Earth orbit to provide Internet coverage to people on Earth, especially in remote and rural areas without traditional Internet infrastructure.

With so many satellites operating in low Earth orbit at the same time, our idea is to have at least one visible satellite anywhere on Earth in order to provide users with near-continuous internet coverage.

To take full advantage of the system, users should install an antenna near their homes where they can easily see the sky at all times.

SpaceX launched a beta version of Starlink in October 2020. This allows users in certain geographies of the United States to purchase the company's suite of operations.

Kit includes 23" wide satellite dish, mounting hardware, wireless router, and all cables.

The subscription fee for the package is $499 and the insurance fee is $99 per month. Users can now purchase this new rectangle board that is 12 inches wide and 19 inches long.

The new vegetable weighs 4.1 kg, which is almost half the original weight of 7.2 kg. However, the purchase price does not change.

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SpaceX has submitted a new application to the Federal Communications Commission to manufacture a smaller satellite dish. The 12-inch width is the diameter of the antenna that Amazon's Kuiper Project plans to build.

When Kuiper plans to publicize the antenna, he claims it will lower the overall cost of manufacturing the device. In August of that year, SpaceX CEO Gwen Shotwell (Gwen Shotwell) said that the company's new courts were more profitable.

The company's website states that the rectangular drive comes with a new 3×3 MU-MIMO router that doesn't have an Ethernet port built in like its predecessor.

SpaceX provides Ethernet adapters for those who want to connect devices using cables. In addition, it seems that people who buy rectangular drives have more options for accessories when installing home equipment.

According to Starlink, the rectangular panels are currently available on all new orders in the United States.

However, it may take time for customers to see the dishes. After making reservations for the first time in February, the service's user base has grown steadily. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said in June that the program has 69,420 active users.

However, users have recently complained that changes to the address in the online company mapping tool have resulted in long delays.

In addition, the lack of silicon chips is causing production delays that affect order processing.

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