The Kia EV9 concept car is our vision of an electric future
The Kia EV9 concept car is our vision of an electric future

Kia has launched the EV9, a super-electric concept SUV with a spiritual perspective and an estimated range of 480 kilometers.

As previously revealed, the EV9 is based on Hyundai's new global modular electric platform, E-GMP.

E-GMP stands for a modern, scalable electric architecture that supports the Ioniq 5, Kia EV6 and Genesis GV60, as well as the recently released #7 Hyundai.

The automaker said it was the basis for an entire line of planned electric vehicles. The concept debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2021.

The EV9 can have angles like spirits. But he has a Kia Telluride body. This concept car measures 194 inches in length, 81 inches in width, 70 inches in height and has a wheelbase of 122 inches.

It's taller and wider than the Atleuride, and when built it will be a large SUV.

Unlike the humble EV6, the EV9 seems to be winning customers over Kia Telluride and Cadillac Escalade with its interior size and interior.

This means that it can also have the same 800-volt architecture as other electric vehicles. Therefore, it accepts DC fast charging at speeds up to 350 kW.

Like the Hyundai Seven, Kia said the EV9's battery can be charged from 10% to 80% in about 30 minutes.

Kia is moving in the direction of Tesla, abandoning the traditional grille and opting for an all-color front end that clearly conveys sustainability values.

Kia's vision for the future of electric cars is ambitious

Although it's square in shape, Kia says its inspiration comes from water, which has nothing to do with shape. But refer to the exterior and interior colors.

Kia describes the exterior color as simulating the great depth of the ocean. The choice of interior color is clear sky blue.

The cabin is dominated by a 27-inch central touchscreen that's roughly the size of an SUV's width today.

There is also a steering wheel that Kia calls a pop-up steering wheel. But the purpose of this figure is not clear.

Kia will not confirm whether the EV9 can be mass-produced. But it seems entirely possible, especially since the Korean automaker has pledged to launch seven specialized battery cars by the end of 2027 and to sell 500,000 battery cars annually by the end of 2027. 2026.

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