The mayor of New York wants to be paid in bitcoin
The mayor of New York wants to be paid in bitcoin

New York Mayor Eric Adams plans to earn his first three Bitcoin salaries over politicians' recent move to Miami, proving that he hopes New York will be one of the top destinations for crypto gamers.

“New York City is the epicenter of the crypto industry,” Adams said in a tweet. In the same tweet, he wrote: We are always on our way. So, I get my first three salaries in bitcoin.

Adams seemed to be trying to get the attention of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, who said his upcoming salary was earned by bitcoin.

Since winning the office, the mayor of New York has been battling Suarez in a battle over who can turn the city into the country's crypto capital.

Mayor Suarez's progressive cryptocurrency policy is beginning to attract top talent. Startups, venture capitalists and cryptocurrency exchanges are beginning to invade the city or at least open more offices.

Suarez also announced in February that Miami plans to accept Bitcoin as a tax and allow employees to withdraw their wages in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin 2021 is known as the biggest Bitcoin event in history and attracted a huge number of crypto-lovers to Miami earlier this year.

Many other crypto-related conferences choose Miami precisely because the city is the home of the industry.

He tried to make his city a center of decentralized money

Adams seemed intent on returning some lights to his city. The mayoral elections in New York said in an interview with Bloomberg Radio that he wants to bet on a friendly competition with Suarez.

“MiamiCoin is doing a great job,” Adams told Bloomberg Radio. Find the importance of implementation. We plan to find out what is stopping cryptocurrencies from growing in New York City.

MiamiCoin project enables people to invest in cryptocurrency in the city. Cultural Miami is off to a good start. moved its US operations from New York to Miami earlier this year. The president of El Salvador also announced at a conference in Miami that the country will adopt bitcoin as its official currency.

New York is considering a bill that would ban cryptocurrency mining for three years this year to conduct environmental assessments to measure greenhouse gas emissions.

Since then, the legislature has essentially fallen back. At the same time, Miami is trying to bring in miners from South Florida to develop nuclear power in the area.

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