Twitter combines shopping and live broadcasting
Twitter combines shopping and live broadcasting

Twitter hosted its first shopping live broadcast on November 28, and the company announced that it had become the latest social networking platform to respond to the trend.

Cyber ​​Deals Sunday is published in partnership with Wal-Mart. This happens on weekends and is traditionally associated with big sales.

Twitter described the live stream hosted by Jason Derulo as a 30-minute variety show featuring electronics, household items, clothing, decor, and more.

Twitter has joined the growing trend of live broadcasting with a focus on social media shopping and offers a modern QVC-style shopping experience through influencers and integrated shopping links.

This month alone, Facebook announced testing its direct buying functionality for creators, Pinterest launched a direct purchase channel called Pinterest TV, and YouTube expanded its live broadcasts with an event to include Weekly Purchase, YouTube Holiday Stream and Shopping.

This new trend is developing in China, according to Bloomberg, as consumers of successors and ex-alpha groups increasingly switch from traditional e-commerce retailers to shopping on social media.

The promotional image shows how the real-time shopping interface on Twitter is divided into real-time videos, online listings and tweet streams.

If you click on the merchant website link, the transfer will still be picture-in-picture. The platform announced that purchase items will initially be available on iOS and on the desktop. And Android users can watch the broadcast. But they will not react to its purchasing power.

Twitter collaborates with Walmart

The platform described Wal-Mart's live broadcast as a test only and did not comment on what the live broadcast might look like in the future. However, he confirmed that he plans to only temporarily allow brands to host live shopping shows instead of regular users.

The new real-time shopping feature was introduced from Twitter after the beta launch of the new store extensions in July of this year. This module allows selected brands to add a shopping area at the top of their profile.

The study initially started for about ten brands. The platform announced that it will expand this functionality to other US traders in the coming weeks.

The company is trying to diversify its sources of income beyond traditional advertising. It also introduced a subscription feature to earn money more directly with users.

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