Use MagSafe accessories with Pixel 6
Use MagSafe accessories with Pixel 6

While MagSafe technology is only available for iPhone and Apple devices, Moment has created a protective case that lets you use the technology on Pixel 6 phones.

Moment combines several magnets to provide an alternative or variation of MagSafe technology.

It uses this proprietary technology in most of the MagSafe accessories sold for the various iPhones, even if they don't support it.

So, thanks to Moment accessories, you can use MagSafe technology on different iPhones, of course there is no compatibility with Apple.

Apple's MagSafe accessories are highly compatible with their own devices; NS. Accessories are integrated into the system and can be recognized.

However, for MagSafe accessories and devices that do not officially support MagSafe, this does not happen because the system does not recognize them.

And the system can be used as a regular accessory without this technology. So if you use a MagSafe charger, the system will use it as a regular wireless charger instead of a MagSafe charger.

Use MagSafe accessories with Pixel 6

The Moment case allows you to use MagSafe accessories directly with Pixel 6 devices, but these accessories need to be developed by Moment.

That's because Moment uses its own technology called M Force, which is made up of 36 extra strong magnets.

Thus, you can attach M Force technology accessories to your Moment Pixel 6 case to get the most out of your phone.

The company offers a variety of different photography tools and takes a variety of photos, and these props include lenses and cell phone mounts.

The MagSafe-powered enclosure uses a single black design that combines ultra-compact plastic and carbon fiber.

If your phone is dropped directly from a height of two meters, this protective case can protect your phone. It can protect all corners and sides of the phone.

This case also supports wireless charging technology based on MagSafe or Qi Charging standards, so you can use this case to charge your phone wirelessly.

You can get new covers directly from the Moment website. Each cover costs $50, whether it's a Pixel 6 or Pro.

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