Walmart delivers food via drone
Walmart delivers food via drone

Walmart launched its first U.S. drone delivery service 50 miles from Bee Ridge, Arkansas, and made headlines last week when parachute packages were delivered from an autonomous plane. Members.

The company is now expanding these drone deliveries in a different way, with Farmington, Arkansas customers able to order small items like canned tuna, baby products and paper plates starting today. This is thanks to a collaboration with DroneUp, which also provides delivery stations for drones to multiple locations.

The DroneUp Conventional Quadcopter can be shipped within a mile of a Wal-Mart store.

Additionally, all participating stores are located in the same area where Zipline announced the service. However, instead of falling from the sky, DroneUp helicopters transmit data packets through cables.

It appears that Walmart can provide a number of basic needs through drones. Each item has a weight, and the website allows you to select items that weigh 1.8kg or less. Shipping cost $10.

According to DroneUp, customers can receive orders within 30 minutes. But do not promise the usual delivery time. He says each hub can make multiple trips per hour.

And you can't sort Walmart products by weight for easy selection, and your cart doesn't seem smart enough to limit your height.

Walmart and DroneUp have previously piloted drone deliveries within a mile of stores in North Las Vegas, Chicktoga and New York.

This summer, the retail giant also made an undisclosed investment in DroneUp. And DroneUp still hasn't said what or how much Walmart has invested.

Walmart launches commercial drone delivery service

According to the company, delivery via DroneUp provides customers with safe, convenient, fast and durable delivery options for thousands of items.

One advantage of drone delivery is verification, where the customer enters their address to verify eligibility. Customers can also choose from thousands of items they would like to have delivered.

Drones have a unique value due to their flexibility, speed, and low cost. Drones have also reduced the number of fossil fuel vehicles used in mass transportation.

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