What was the experience of IBM computers 40 years ago?
What was the experience of IBM computers 40 years ago?

In the past few years, technology products have evolved a lot, but it wasn't like that 40 years ago. This is because technological products are not advanced or popular, especially personal computers. There is no doubt that the name IBM is closely related to computers.

This is because IBM launched the first personal computer 40 years ago, in 1981. This computer is called the IBM PC (model 5150). The devices have had a great sales performance and set many of the foundations and standards in use today.

Anyone can buy a new computer at a local store. Perhaps the most famous of these is the ComputerLand Store. IBM offers a variety of personal computers that users can choose from.

During this period, the company presented a large number of accessories and gadgets, including floppy disk drives, support for color graphics and even game consoles.The computer was equipped with a processor suitable for all versions of Intel 8088 with a frequency of 4.77 MHz.

The most popular version of the computer comes with 16KB of memory, a graphics card, and a keyboard, and costs $1,565, which is currently $4,121.

IBM computer in 1981

The computer also comes with an optional printer, which is currently $13,246. Purchasing the device also requires the purchase of a separate screen for $345 and supports only one color.

In addition, the device is based on the IBM PC-DOS operating system developed in cooperation with Microsoft and costs $40.

When all these payments are made, the installation and commissioning stage, which is considered very simple, comes. Since users only need to connect the device to a power source, and then connect it to the monitor, in general, the device has a great build quality, from the computer to the keyboard and other additional components.

At that time, personal computers did not have an operating system with a graphical user interface. Instead, the user works on the code so there is no need to use a color screen as there are no colors.

By default, the IBM PC (model 5150) does not have built-in memory and the user depends on the drive (if applicable).

The platform was very successful at the time. It is also widely used in workplaces and some universities. But we can say that it is the beginning of the computer age. Hence there is no possibility of comparison between the computer we use today and this one. But today's computer is an improved version of that computer.

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