With the introduction of Pinterest TV Pinterest enters the world of direct shopping
With the introduction of Pinterest TV Pinterest enters the world of direct shopping

Pinterest is entering the world of direct shopping as part of its transformation into a home for content creators, rather than just an inspirational shopping site.

The company announced a new feature on its app called Pinterest TV, a series of live, original, and purchasable videos focused on food, home, fashion, beauty, crafts, and more.

The episode will air from November 8 and can be watched upon request. The platform's content creators host the show. It includes a chat feature where viewers can ask questions and participate in the experience.

The first set of Pinterest TV shows includes:

  •     Christian On by American designer Christian Siriano.
  •     O'Nebel's director and screenwriter Monica Surig works with food manufacturers throughout the site to deliver dishes to the chefs.
  •     Tom Tries plays Olympic gold medalist in diving, Tom Daley. He is also a sewing teacher and plans to learn new skills.
  •     Manny Do comes from beauty entrepreneur Manny Moa who focuses on her daily beauty needs while on vacation.
  •     Buy This brings comedian Robin Schaal and show creators to products from brands like Patagonia, Melody Ehsani, and Crown Affair.

To aid in the creative process, the platform has also set up a virtual studio where content producers and content creators work together to help them develop content and provide audio and video support to make it easier to connect with them.

The new episode will air on November 8th on the iOS platform. These products offer a straightforward shopping experience and users of the platform can get discounts from participating brands.

These presentations took 30 minutes and the platform explained that the idea was to create a new way to inspire users.

Rather than just digging through product images and ideas as before, Pinterest TV enables companies to step into the video and content creator economy.

Pinterest needs to prove it's worth the creator's time and effort

Pinterest is working hard to make videos more useful for its platform. A similar conceptualization tag was introduced to TikTok earlier this month.

The user can scroll the creator's video source vertically. You can also like, comment and save it to your Pinterest section.

These videos are a new type of content that Pinterest calls Idea Pins. This is a video-based functionality that content creators can use to provide specific ideas or knowledge.

To encourage YouTube users to create videos, the platform will invest $20 million in a Creators Rewards Program. It also provides other tools that they can use to monetize content. Include affiliate links in sponsored content, product labels, and collaborate with brands.

Pinterest TV is currently available to select YouTubers. However, the company is offering a subscription model for others interested in producing TV series through the new service.

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