YouTube co-founder opposes disliking the dislike button
YouTube co-founder opposes disliking the dislike button

YouTube's third partner, Jawed Karim, denounced the platform's removal of the viewer-hate video ad, noting that this change was the reason for the platform's demise.

"There is a reason YouTube is unnecessarily changing the world," Karim said. However, this is not a reasonable reason and will not be publicly disclosed; The ability to easily and quickly identify inappropriate content is a key feature of a user-generated content creation platform. Not all user-generated content is good.

The platform made changes to its user interface last week. He said it eliminates public anti-harassment and encourages respectful interaction between viewers and creators.

But many YouTubers and content producers criticized the move. The argument is that an aversion to numbers gives society the opportunity to express its preferences. In addition to quickly identifying fraudulent videos and spam promoted by the platform's algorithms.

Karim made his contribution in an unusual way, changing the description of the first video uploaded to YouTube, a regular clip titled "I'm in the zoo" with Karim (25).

Karim originally edited the video description a few days ago: If every YouTuber agrees that removing dislikes is a stupid idea, it can be. But Karim changed the description again and wrote a more detailed condemnation.

YouTube co-founder opposes disliking the dislike button

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Karim has used the "I'm in the zoo" video as an unofficial bulletin board for his views on the platform.

When YouTube announced in 2013 that it would use Google Plus to support commenting - many thought it was a way for the search engine giant to force its social network to increase engagement - Karim changed the video description to express his opposition.

“Eliminating hate is not a good thing for creators,” Karim said. “No cross-platform content creator thinks that removing Dislikes is a good idea for the site or creator.

He added, "YouTube will not reveal the real reason for the move, but it may point to other research." Research that seems to go against common sense for anyone using the platform.

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