YouTube looks to give Shorts a competitive edge
YouTube looks to give Shorts a competitive edge

YouTube platform has confirmed that it is expanding a recent global test that will allow users to correctly enter short clips when opening the platform's mobile app if users watch short videos before checking out.

In other words, when you return to the app, you will be directed to trying the short video instead of being directed to the YouTube homepage.

The company said the test, which was announced last week, only ran for a small number of global users on iOS. It is now preparing to extend the experience to Android as well.

The test is aimed at users who interact with short programs, and the platform was first launched over a year ago. It was originally introduced in India and arrived in the US in March of last year. Then it expanded to other global markets in 2021.

Short films allow users to create 60-second video collections of music, original audio, or mixed content from other YouTube videos, unless the creator chooses not to use their own content in the short films.

Shorts includes a video maker that allows you to upload videos or record new content directly in the app.

It also provides a number of basic editing functions for adjusting video speed, setting timers, merging clips, or using green screen effects.

According to a spokesperson for the platform, YouTube is looking into whether it makes sense for users to use the new test from where they left off when the app was last closed.

But the test also shows how YouTube sees TikTok and the broader shift to short videos as a potential threat to its business.

YouTube wants to capitalize on its number of users

Although TikTok popularized the vertical feed format in a nutshell. But since then he slowly started entering the YouTube area.

This summer, TikTok increased the maximum video length from 60 seconds to 3 minutes. For the past few months, she's been testing 5-minute videos.

To better compete with Tik Tok. This year YouTube announced that it will pay directly to short film makers. This goal will be achieved through the launch of the $100 million YouTube Short Film Fund through 2021 and 2022.

Depending on the reviews and participation in the short videos, these payments can range from $100 to $10,000.

But it seems that stimulating the creative community is not enough to give shorts an edge. As a result, the platform now attempts to return users to the short programs when the application is restarted.

This way, these users can scroll through and watch short movie clips before doing whatever they want on the app.

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