$150,000 worth of cryptocurrency stolen from NFT project
$150,000 worth of cryptocurrency stolen from NFT project

A cryptocurrency buyer looking to purchase a limited edition NFT version of Fractal discovered that the link sent via the project's official Discord channel was a scam intended to steal crypto projects.

Click on the link and the link to your cryptocurrency wallet. Users who want to get NFT find that their crypto assets have been emptied from Solana and transferred to the fraudster's account.

An analysis published by Tim Cotten, founder of another NFT gaming project, estimates the stolen value from Solana at $150,000.

Fractal is an entrepreneurial project from Twitch co-founder Justin Kahn that specializes in buying and selling in-game NFT assets.

It was announced in December and quickly gained over 100,000 users through Discord. When a tweet from a subscriber reported that a commercial had been hacked through the Fractal Discord server, the news reached Twitter. Another tweet from the main Fractal account confirmed that the channel had posted a fraudulent link.

The attack took advantage of users who wanted to sell NFT products. This is the term used to purchase tokens when they are first generated by a specific project. Instead of buying in the secondary market later.

Although the message from the Discord bot is wrong. But the official Fractal Twitter account posted a tweet a few hours ago referring to Operation AirDrop, in which a crypto project distributes a lot of tokens, usually to early adopters.

And because the demand for strike-and-drop cryptocurrencies is usually very high. Users are encouraged to act quickly on surprise ads, which create an ideal environment for scammers.

There is no going back to cryptocurrency

The encryption behind cryptocurrency and NFT is extremely secure. The vast network of websites and applications that make up the largest crypto ecosystem contains many potential agents of attack.

A tweet from the official Fractal account stated that the fraudulent information of the webhook was disseminated via Discord.

Webhook is a job for designing web applications. It enables the application to listen for messages sent to a specific URL and trigger the corresponding response events.

If the Webhook is not protected by an additional authenticator, anyone can post to the channel using the URL. It's unclear what precautions the team behind the fractal have taken to prevent this from happening.

After the hacking attack, the Fractal blog announced that victims who lost their money will receive full compensation.

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