Adam Mosseri explains how Instagram restores your timeline
Adam Mosseri explains how Instagram restores your timeline

Instagram manager Adam Mosseri used the Stories feature to answer people's questions about the action plan, which aims to bring back much-needed time feeds, which differs from the current rating algorithm, which sorts posts based on user preferences. Attending the Senate session.

In a Q&A, Mosseri said the company is testing two versions of the feature and plans to serve as a release window early next year.

He said that the first version of the timeline feed allows you to choose which favorites appear in chronological order at the top.

The second version of the feed allows you to view the posts of everyone you follow in chronological order. Even if it does not say how to spread the recommended news.

When asked when the feature would launch, he said it wouldn't be long now and the platform was testing the first release on schedule. He said that the second version of the calendar will be issued soon.

"We want people to have meaningful control over their experience," the company said in a tweet. We've tried favorites and this way you can decide how many posts you want to see higher. We're looking for another way to display posts from people you follow in chronological order.

"We want to make it clear that we are creating new options," she added. But we won't go back to the chronological summary for all of us. We give people more choices so they can choose what's best for them. You can expect more early next year.

Instagram is testing two versions of this feature

Mosseri explained that the company will not give up the return algorithm when time returns, it is like Twitter, you can choose any version you want.

“We are not going to give up on the arithmetic triage summary altogether,” he said. But we do give people the option to use a time feed. We believe algorithmically organized feeds can help us connect people to the content that is most important to them.

In his Q&A, Mosseri also answered questions about the company's upcoming child safety features and his tenure in the Senate.

When he testified at a Senate hearing on child safety issues, he also suggested setting up an industry committee to oversee how children's data is used.

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