Amazon Assistant responds to the sound of running water
Amazon Assistant responds to the sound of running water

Amazon expanded voice recognition for its Alexa voice assistant software and made prescription nutritional supplements available to Amazon pharmacy customers.

The company described the changes in Alexa's monthly update in November, which included the introduction of a speaking mode in the US, and the Echo Show 15 mural will ship next week.

Amazon first announced plans to support custom sounds at its fall event in September. But it looks like you can't write custom sounds yet.

The company has added two new voices and you can tell Alexa to recognize them. Thanks to the new update, the device can hear the sound of running water and hissing.

For example, if you want Alexa to detect that the dryer is ringing, you can set up an Alexa routine to notify you when the dryer is turned off.

Previously, the device was able to detect dogs barking, children crying, snoring and broken glass, as well as whistling sounds from smoke alarms.

Also, if you're an Amazon Pharmacy customer, you can now say, "Alexa, fill me up" when you need to refill your medications.

Alexa will keep you informed about your medication delivery. If you need help, you can also ask Alexa to contact your Amazon pharmacy.

In the past, Giant Eagle Pharmacy customers could only order supplements through Alexa.

Amazon pharmacy customers can order medicines through Alexa

Amazon also rolled out a full chat mode for the third-generation Echo Show 10 in the US, which was added to the devices in November.

You can opt in to this feature by saying "Alexa, join the conversation." Then you can talk to Alexa as normal without using a wake-up word.

Amazon has also indicated that anyone in the room can talk to Alexa. If the conversation is moved to the assistant, the assistant will respond in conversation mode, and if it is interrupted, the assistant will pause as well.

You know that the blue frame around the Echo Show's screen enables speaking mode. When you want to close it, you can say "leave the conversation".

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