Amazon has temporarily banned itself from Twitch
Amazon has temporarily banned itself from Twitch

Amazon Twitch streaming site Amazon Prime Video has been banned because the show's host accidentally exposed a part of her body during a live show.

The official Spanish channel of Amazon Prime Video has been banned from the Twitch platform, but no reason has been given for the disclosure. It's based on a clip from the talk show Esto es un late in the crash.

Twitch has strict rules about partial or full camera exposure. The platform also does not allow content of a sexual nature, such as focusing the camera on certain parts of the body.

At the end of Esto's live broadcast, one of them lifted her T-shirt and apparently joked that this was a way to end the hour-long live broadcast. “We are about to be banned,” she said with a smile.

Offer ends soon. But within hours, Twitch blocked the channel. Then another presenter said on Twitter that Esto es un Late was the best show in the world.

Gaming news site Kotaku reports that this was the first time an Amazon brand had been banned from Twitch.

The Prime Video Espana ban was lifted less than 24 hours later and the show appears to have been removed from the channel.

Amazon Self Punishment

In general, Twitch does not disclose details of any disciplinary action to the public and the duration of suspension may vary. For those looking to lift or shorten the ban, the streaming media giant also has an appeal process.

Twitch started as a video game streaming site but has since evolved into a multi-functional platform and has faced many issues with sexually suggestive content over the years.

Critics led to dress code reviews across the catwalk in 2018. The recent development of indoor bathtubs has also raised similar questions about what is and isn't allowed.

Earlier this year, the account of Aouranth, one of the largest live stream creators on Twitch, was removed from ad revenue despite saying it did not break any rules.

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