Amazon is fixing the broken App Store with Android 12
Amazon is fixing the broken App Store with Android 12

Amazon said it fixed an issue in its App Store that was causing problems when customers upgrading to Android 12 from their mobile devices had issues running apps.

Earlier this month, it was reported that the Amazon App Store was still not working on Android 12 after its release in the fall.

Users have reported that the App Store itself is not working. Apps and games installed from the Appstore are no longer valid.

The company has responded to customer complaints on its digital and hardware-related forums, saying that its technical team is still investigating the issue.

But when an article on addressed these issues, things went broad. This forced Amazon to speak publicly about the matter.

The company said it is working to resolve app performance and playback issues affecting a small number of Appstore users who have upgraded to Android 12.

The company noted at the time that the issue did not affect Amazon Fire TV devices or Amazon Fire tablets.

According to Amazon, the fix has already begun. But he did not specify what the error is or how it can be resolved more precisely.

Although a company spokesperson said in a statement: We have released a fix for an issue affecting app functionality for Appstore customers updating to Android 12 via mobile devices.

"We are in contact with customers to update them on the steps to update the Appstore experience," he added. We apologize for the disturbance this caused.

Amazon admits that the App Store for Android 12 is not available

Some people think the Appstore issue is related to DRM and Android 12 built in as one of the solutions that users found is to decompile the APK file of the Android app and then comment out the DRM related lines for more technical steps.

Amazon has been unable to resolve this issue for several weeks, confirming the low impact of the App Store on Android devices. Few people think that they should purchase apps outside the Google Play Store, not to mention the slow Android upgrade cycle.

It seems that fixing this problem is not Amazon's top priority. Today the company focuses on the Appstore, and how it is used to deliver apps to Windows 11 users.

This year, Microsoft and Amazon agreed to work together on a new program that will allow Amazon to publish third-party app stores through the Microsoft Store that will allow Windows users to download Android apps from their PCs.

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