Amazon is hiring Linux game engineers for Luna
Amazon is hiring Linux game engineers for Luna

When Amazon launched its cloud gaming service last October, the fact that it runs on Windows was unique. Unlike Google's Stadia, you don't necessarily have to convince developers to move the game to an untested platform.

But now it appears that Amazon is also planning to switch to servers running Linux. The company hired three software engineers to bring Windows games to Linux.

It seems that the idea is not to give up games for Windows. Luna continues to play Windows games. But you can do this with Valve's proton compatibility layer.

Three job descriptions said: This functionality involves working with Proton, a compatibility layer that Wine uses to run Windows games on Linux. Luna is committed to working with the Proton open source community. This post emphasizes using code from open source projects like Proton and Wine to run the game stably and efficiently.

All three posts were posted on December 6th and all mentioned DXVK, a Vulkan-based Direct3D graphical translation that allows 3D applications to run on Linux with Wine.

Why Amazon is embracing Linux is not entirely clear. This is supposed to be for minor maintenance of the Luna game sandbox so that the new update doesn't affect compatibility.

Is Amazon changing its cloud ambitions?

The Proton gaming community tells you that Windows games now work well on Linux, although some may have problems, especially the multiplayer category with anti-cheat software.

Valve is working hard to improve this for the launch of the Steam platform in February. Now it looks like Amazon can help developers too.

In general, Luna is not as well known as Stadia and she lost her CEO in February. But the company is thriving in the new world, and since its launch in September it has taken a place in the list of the top ten Steam games.

As next-generation gaming platforms and graphics cards are so hard to find, cloud gaming companies now have a chance.

"We are constantly looking for ways to provide our customers with a better experience, including working closely with game developers and the community on those experiences," the company said in a statement. Hiring people who have experience with Proton and Linux is very important to Luna. .

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