As tensions with employees mount Apple faces investigation
As tensions with employees mount Apple faces investigation

The US Department of Labor has launched an investigation into an Apple whistleblower. It's the latest sign of tension between the disgraced and mysterious company and its current and former employees. These tensions spread among the general public.

A Department of Labor spokesperson said: "We can confirm that Apple is conducting a public investigation of the whistleblower.

The Department of Labor's Whistleblower Protection Program is administered by the Department of Health and Safety at Work and is responsible for investigating cases in which employers have retaliated against workers who raised worker safety concerns.

The Ministry of Labor refused to provide details of the investigation or to initiate an investigation. However, the Labor Protection Agency, Ashley Jovik, a former employee of the company, has informed that it has opened an investigation based on a complaint it filed earlier this week.

Qiao Weike is a former senior director of engineering projects at Apple and has raised concerns over the past few months. She said she began raising environmental, health and safety concerns in March 2021 for the company in Sunnyvale, California, where it operates.

She said the company dismissed her concerns and asked her not to talk about it. Jovik has filed a complaint with the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

According to an occupational health and safety complaint, Kiwik was suspended in early August and released on September 9. She said it was revenge for raising her concerns.

In response to the Department of Labor's announcement of an investigation and allegations of retaliation by Covich, the company reiterated its previous statement: We remain committed to creating and maintaining a positive, inclusive job at all times.

Apple is the subject of an investigation by the US Department of Labor

An Apple spokesperson said in a statement: We take all concerns seriously. We will conduct a thorough investigation if a problem arises. Out of respect for related privacy, we do not discuss employee specific matters.

The Financial Times and The New York Times had earlier reported on the investigation by the Labor Department. The survey represents the latest escalation in rising tensions between iPhone manufacturers and their employees.

In the past few months, employees have destroyed the company's legendary culture of secrecy, a move known as #AppleToo. She speaks candidly about controversial hiring decisions, pay gaps, and telecommuting policies.

The company also faced complaints from current and former employees with the National Labor Relations Committee. Including #Janic Parrish, the front man at AppleToo, who claimed she was fired in retaliation for her censorship efforts.

Last month, the company issued a statement claiming that workers have the right to express their opinions about wages and working conditions. The #AppleToo initiative called this a victory.

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