Call of Duty abandons quality assurance after its success
Call of Duty abandons quality assurance after its success

Raven Software, one of the studios responsible for developing Call of Duty, has laid off QA testers. Her work is said to make $17 an hour, and Activision Blizzard said she made $3 billion in 2020.

Best known for its work on Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, Raven Software has laid off a third of its contracted QA testers.

Austin O'Brien, associate community director at Raven Software, said Activision Blizzard has since been working on a salary restructuring to raise wages. However, the main members of the team were called out one by one, saying that they were let down.

So far the company has been reported to have laid off about a third of its QA testers, or about a dozen people. But others can follow.

A workers' rights group said many employees have moved to Wisconsin to find work without Activision Blizzard's help.

Kotaku reported that salaries for the remaining employees were increased from $17 an hour to $18.50 an hour. And the best benefits and rewards.

Call of Duty made $3 billion in 2020

The studio developers learned of the layoffs through word of mouth rather than official announcements. Activision Blizzard has shown a number of layoffs related to its burgeoning business.

In 2019, the company laid off about 8% of its employees. It did so after the CEO announced that his 2018 financial performance was the best in the company's history.

After the company's CEO received $155 million through a shareholder vote in June, the company also laid off about 50 employees who were responsible for those activities.

The report reveals that Call of Duty: Pioneer, produced by Sledgehammer Games and published by Activision Blizzard, is the second largest game released in 2021.

Activision Blizzard has recently been the focus of attention due to poor working conditions and inability to act after repeated allegations of mistreatment and sexual assault by employees. There are also allegations that the CEO has known about these issues for years and has his own history of harassment.

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