Citroën redefines the Ami as an off-road vehicle
Citroën redefines the Ami as an off-road vehicle

Thanks to the new concept car from French automaker Citroen, camping or hiking has become a pleasure.

My Ami buggy is based on Ami's two-seater electric city car, and you can drive without a driver's license. But it does add practicality and style, like a wider zigzag frame, LED light strips, and movable fabric doors.

According to Citroën, My Ami Buggy is essentially a way for Citroën designers to showcase their potential and accentuate their bold and cool Nomadic personality by adding stylish features. Hence, they draw inspiration from things like the game industry, industrial design, and fashion.

The color scheme of khaki, black and yellow is the first thing that catches the eye and gives it a camouflaged feel and great outdoor visibility.

The other main feature is the door. Ordinary doors are replaced by removable fabric doors with zippers.

With the wider tires, you can traverse rough terrain as long as you remember that the vehicle is not too high on the ground.

It also has a headlight visor and a roof-mounted spare wheel, which heighten the thirst for adventure and add a glamorous factor.

Other additional features include LED light strips, detachable speakers, sunroof covers and graphics packages including Pilot and 01 in the driver's seat and Copilot and 02 in the front passenger seat.

Citroen has removable fabric doors

According to Citroën, it also offers thicker seating foam, new dashboard storage boxes and even a luggage set for use in the car.

Other functions such as smartphone holders, bottle holders, etc. are all 3D printed and can be copied if needed.

As a reminder: the maximum speed of "Mom" can reach 45 kilometers per hour, which is the same as the maximum speed of European electric bikes. Thanks to its 5.5 kW battery, it can travel up to 70 kilometers on a single charge.

Even if the distance is not great. But thanks to the small battery, it can be charged in just three hours from a 220V socket.

The designer of the company must have been very interesting to the concept of My Ami buggy. But there is no word on whether Citroen will build and sell it.

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