Dell has a laptop focused on repairability
Dell has a laptop focused on repairability

Dell announced a new concept in laptop design that lasts longer, is easier to disassemble, and has less impact on the climate, making the tech giant's products more durable.

It's called Concept Luna. Developed by the Dell design team, the laptop contains many extraordinary features designed to facilitate repair and maintenance.

You don't need a screwdriver or solvent to loosen a damaged keyboard or crack a cracked screen. After removing a pair of switches and securing them in place, these two components can easily come off.

The entire system contains far fewer screws than a typical Dell laptop, reducing the time it takes to replace components.

There is no fan inside the computer because the motherboard placed on the top cover can passively cool the laptop.

The laptop is supposed to solve the problem of e-waste and climate change. Compared to competitors like the Apple MacBook, Dell laptops are generally much easier to repair.

Newer models have common types of screws, batteries that snap into place rather than sticking together, and screens that are relatively easy to remove.

Unlike Apple, Dell regularly posts laptop repair information on its website.

However, the company still had room for improvement and to reduce the total number of screws inside the machine. According to Dell, the Concept Luna has ten times fewer screws than the Latitude 7300 AE.

Dell Equipment focuses on reducing e-waste and carbon emissions

Other ideas in Concept Luna focus more on the impact of electronic products on the climate. The aluminum in the chassis is smelted using hydropower, replacing one of the usually more harmful manufacturing steps with low-carbon alternatives.

The size of the motherboard is a quarter the size of the Latitude 7300 AE motherboard. Its carbon footprint can be reduced by 50%.

A lifecycle analysis of the Latitude 7300 AE found that manufacturing is responsible for 65% of hardware's climate impact. And the circuit board is the component that consumes the most power.

Taking into account the leading position in the global laptop market. This reduction in CO2 emissions on an individual component basis can lead to significant emissions reductions for the entire industry.

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