Dell introduces its vision for tablets with Concept Stanza
Dell introduces its vision for tablets with Concept Stanza

Dell showed off some concept hardware, including the Concept Stanza, which represented its vision of a productivity-oriented tablet without cameras, ports, or speakers.

Dell sees 11-inch tablets as a companion to laptops and notebooks.

While Apple tends to drop the iPhone port at some point, Concept Stanza shows what the future looks like.

Since Dell Concept calls the Stanza a concept, it may not be marketed in this case.

According to the company, the Concept Stanza screen is 11 inches. No communications, no speakers or cameras.

The company's marketing images also show that the bezels on the device are very thin. It looks too thin to hold the device properly.

Like the iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad Pro, the Concept Stanza can wirelessly charge the active stylus, and the active stylus is magnetically attached to its cap.

In short, Concept Stanza takes notes first, then the graphics board.

The company said that if you want to take advantage of the second use case, you can connect the platform to a computer.

Dell wants a productivity-oriented tablet

This device is designed to make it easy for you to take notes while you work. The idea is that if you type Concept Stanza and then double-click on your notes, it will instantly be converted to digital text.

Devices like Galaxy Notes can convert handwritten notes into digital notes. However, the biggest difference from Concept Stanza is that it is for writing only and is meant to create the distraction-free experience the company has described.

The tablet can also recognize multiple characters. You can draw a line across the text to remove it. In theory, you can also scan the shape. Additionally, Concept Stanza can be used as an external monitor to enlarge your screen.

The Concept Stanza also charges via a special charging station in place of a USB Type-C or Qi wireless charger.

The company has announced several details about the Concept Stanza. But you can flaunt it with Concept Pari at CES 2022 in January 2022.

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