Discover the Amazon brand
Discover the Amazon brand

Amazon has registered more than 150 trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and offers hundreds of thousands of private label products on its e-commerce platform.

A recent survey by The Markup found that the online shopping giant often gives its brands and exclusive products an edge over their top competitors in search results.

The organization also notes that Amazon does not disclose to buyers that these products are exclusive or special products.

Therefore, the organization decided to increase transparency for Amazon buyers. Markup has created a browser extension to identify these products and indicate their association with the company.

The Amazon Brand Checker tool highlights the product list in orange for the company's signature by checking out a box around Amazon's brands and exclusive products. It does so directly when buyers browse the site.

The plugin promises to show products sold by the company's own or exclusive brands in Amazon search results so you can better understand who is selling the products you've purchased.

Amazon Brand Detector uses Amazon Brands listings, filters, and other technologies to identify and highlight products that are part of the Amazon Our Brands program.

The organization said the tool can be used in browsers similar to Google Chrome and Firefox and aims to make searches more transparent.

Some transparency for Amazon buyers

This extension highlights Amazon Basics and Essentials products. It also draws attention to results that are difficult to distinguish from results that do not belong to Amazon.

The extension runs in the background until the user navigates to the e-commerce platform and does a search. At this point, the extension will identify and highlight the company's brand and exclusivity on the search results page.

According to The Markup's privacy policy, Amazon Brand Detector does not collect any data. This extension is only available for desktop browsers, not mobile apps.

This extension can be used with other extensions. The extension is also suitable for full-page screenshot extensions.

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