Drone-shaped bed, $25,000
Drone-shaped bed, $25,000

The Drone Racing Federation has launched a new $25,000 bed that comes in the shape of a drone.

The goal of the DRL Alliance is to make drone racing as popular as fast racing, and all the kids have come in racing form.

From 1980 to the middle of 1995, the family of vintage cars was widely spread. This family helped spread the culture of running quickly.

The design of the bed is similar to that of the four-wheel drive Racer 4. It has four arms, each with an upward propeller that holds the aircraft above the ground.

The union called this bed "the best Christmas gift," but you can't go to the store to buy it. Al Ittihad has marketed this bed as a luxury gift and has designed it to order.

You can reserve a special version of the bed for yourself until the beginning of February, after which the reservation door closes and the manufacturing process begins.

Drone design that turns into a bed

Available in two sizes, a single bed or a double bed, this bed is made entirely of MDF treated wood.

You'll also find Union's special branding on the front or front of the bed, which holds the fans tapped from the machine across four arms.

These arms emit a red light and are made of high-density foam that makes it easy to move around.

This bed takes up a lot of space in any room, so find a suitable place in the center of the room.

This size makes it unsuitable for use in small rooms or apartments, and its price tag makes it suitable for certain types of homeowners.

The bed includes a special sleeping mask that matches the bed and plane layout, and you can add a TV stand to the bed.

The bed does not come with additional accessories to match the overall bed design, which is surprising considering the high price.

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