Facebook Allows Creators to Create Professional Accounts
Facebook Allows Creators to Create Professional Accounts

Facebook is rolling out a professional personal data form that allows content creators to take advantage of other monetization tools.

The new model also allows content creators to use features that track audience growth that were previously only available in Pages.

Professional media enables content creators to participate in the Reels Play Rewards Program. Instagram's Reels short video feature was launched on Facebook in September.

The rewards program allows creators to earn up to $35,000 per month depending on the number of views your Reels videos have.

However, not all content creators are eligible to participate in the program, only guests. Content creators must adhere to the Meta-Affiliate Monetization Policy to be eligible.

In addition, Facebook said it is developing more advanced features for editing roles, such as making it easier to create roles made up of multiple clips and the ability to save a role as a draft while editing.

The platform is also considering extending the file length limit from 30 seconds to 1 minute across Facebook because it currently supports 1-minute Instagram files.

In addition to roles, Pro mode can also unlock audiences, posts, and account information so creators can track every account activity.

Creators can also see the total number of posts, comments, and reactions received on a post, as well as how the number of fans has changed over time.

Facebook gives creators access to Reels Play Rewards

Similar to Pages, turning on the professional mode makes everything you post public. This means that anyone can see your account and follow you.

Meta says that you can always choose whether certain posts are visible only to your friends. Professional mode is currently available in the United States. However, Meta said it will cover more countries/regions in the coming months.

Facebook launched the Star Store, a website for buying stars. It is a virtual currency that users can buy with real money and use to pay content creators.

Stars can be purchased in the Facebook app, but are now available at a discounted price in the Store.

The platform can try to trick users into buying celebrities from online stores. Plus, you can avoid Apple's 30% commission on purchases made in third-party apps through iOS.

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